Thursday, 29 October 2015

Top Hello Kitty Furniture for a Girl's Bedroom or Nursery

Hello Kitty Bedroom in a Box Set
Hello Kitty Desk with Hutch
You've probably seen those pictures on the internet of mega Otaku who pimp out their home completely in the sweet and bubbly tones of the lovely Hello Kitty. It's very easy to do, because there is an insane amount of Hello Kitty furniture out there. I've collected all of my favorites here for all you Hello Kitty fans to take a look at. Let's get started!

Here's a veritable mega-pack, a Hello Kitty bedroom in a box, featured above at the top of the page. With gentle pastel colors and a simple design, this elegant and feminine collection of bedroom furniture is sure to melt anyone's heart! This set comes with a twin-sized bed, a dresser, a mirror, and a night stand. If you like the style, you can also get a matching Hello Kitty desk, featured on the right. The desk chair is available here.

Kids Table and Chairs Activity Home Furniture Set Hello Kitty 
Delta Children Table &
Chair Set, Hello Kitty
For younger girls who love to draw, write and paint, an activity table is a wonderful gift to decorate their room or their playroom. There are a couple out there, and they tend to go out of stock quickly, so when you see one you like be sure to pick it up as fast as you can.

Here's my two favorites which are available at the moment. If you like your room to look pretty in pink, then the one above will do good by you. For a splash of extra color, check out the Delta Hello Kitty Table and Chair set on the left.

Marshmallow Furniture, Flip Open Sofa, Hello Kitty
Marshmallow Furniture Comfy Chair Hello Kitty
Need somewhere cozy to curl up and chill out? There is a huge range of Hello Kitty sofas and chairs out there for you to choose from. For girls who like to have sleepovers, the flip out sofa above is a great boon to their friends - sofa by day, snuggly mattress by night! There are other regular Hello Kitty sofas out there, such as this pink and red one.

I also particularly like the polka dot pink armchair featured on the right. The Hello Kitty face seat back is a very bold and iconic look that is sure to make your bedroom stand out from the rest. If that doesn't tickly you pink, here's another fun chair for you to check out: a pink and purple recliner! This is a neat gift for girls who like to kick back and take things slow from time to time. 

Delta Children Multi Bin Toy Organizer, Hello Kitty
If you have a lot of clutter about the room and not enough places to store things, a toy organizer like the one above is a must have. It's so colorful! If your bedroom mainly has purple tones, then this pink and purple storage organiser would be perfect for your room instead.

Hello Kitty Collapsible Storage
Trunk With Mesh Pockets
If you want something  little more discrete that you can tuck away under the bed or into a corner, there are smaller storage trunks and toy boxes out there which you can get instead, such as the two pink cuties on the left and right. 

Hello Kitty Bows Toy Box
Here's a cute piece of furniture, featured below, a lovely vanity table with a Hello Kitty themed print bench. It's a great accessory for older girls, teens, and even adults who like to get in touch with their inner child. It also blends in well with darker and more mature color schemes. You can get the same design in white wood here as well.

New Black Metal Sunburst Make Up Vanity Table with Mirror & Hello Kitty Themed Bench
Hello Kitty Vanity & Mirror With Stool
If you are looking for a vanity table for a younger girl or toddler, then the cutie on the left might just be right for your little kitty! With its bright pink colors and adorably kitsch teapot decorations, this will fit in nicely with the rest of her Hello Kitty decor. Each set comes with the vanity table, attached mirror and the stool.

So there you go! Those are my top eleven favorite pieces of Hello Kitty furniture for girl's bedrooms. I hope you found a few that are perfect for you and give them a good home! If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor for girls on the net!

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