Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to Decorate a Rilakkuma Themed Bedroom

Pink Rilakkuma Bedding
Rilakkuma is insanely cute, and there just isn't enough Rilakkuma themed stuff in the west to keep a fan happy, I think! That's why this post is going to be looking at all of my favorite gear for decorating a Rilakkuma themed bedroom - there isn't a lot of it, but I've found some really cute pieces that I think you will love. Read on and enjoy!

Rilakkuma Relax Bear Cute Pillow
First things first, every themed bedroom needs some really cute bedding. I've managed to find a gorgeous piece of Rilakkuma bedding which I've featured above. Each set comes with the pretty duvet cover, a fitted sheet set, and two pillow shams. I love the super adorable strawberry theme!

Alternatively, you can pick up some Rilakkuma themed pillows like the one on the right and use them to add an adorable flair to your existing brown, light yellow or cream sheets. It's an easy budget option!

Smile Decor Rilakkuma Bear Curtain Tieback, Holdback, Curtain Accessory
With the bed made, its time to add some Rilakkuma accessories to the rest of your bedroom. If you are looking to jazz up your windows, then check out the plush and huggable Rilakkuma curtain tie-back featured above - its easy to pair with many different styles of curtains and looks just amazing! You can also use it to decorate your bed posts.

Ddoai Rilakkuma San-x Bear
Bedroom Mat Rug
Are your floors looking a little bare and in need of some tender love and care, why not brighten them up with a cute Rilakkuma area face rug like the one on the left? Its super cute and would look amazing on a wooden or laminated floor in particular.

San-x Rilakkuma Plushy Hanging
Jewelry Organizer
Looking for somewhere fun to store your jewelry and accessories? Check out the adorable plushy hanging organizer on the right would make an amazing choice. Speaking of storage space, you can also get a very pretty Rilakkuma folding laundry basket

So there you go! That was my guide to decorating a Rilakkuma themed bedroom. I hope you found some cool and cute ideas for your bedroom and have a lot of fun decorating. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more fun themed bedroom ideas for girls and boys of all ages!

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