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How to Decorate a Horse Themed Bedroom for an Equestrian!

Country Horses Running Mountains Twin Comforter Set (6 Piece Bed In A Bag)
Boys and girls alike and all over the world are in love with man's true best friend, the majestic horses that have been with is all the way through history. To celebrate these wonderful creatures, why not decorate your room, or help a fellow equestrian to decorate their room in a horse theme? There are many amazing accessories to choose from, and this post will be looking at my favorites. Let's go!

Pink Pony Bandana Horse
Print Comforter Set
First thing any themed bedroom needs is a solid piece of bedding to ground both the theme and the color scheme of the bedroom. I've made a whole post on all of my favorite beautiful horse themed bedding here, so this post is only going to feature a couple of my top picks.

Western Horse Fleece Throw Blanket
The bedding at the top of my page is one of my favorites, suitable for all ages and fitting in well with both modern and rustic styles of room. If comes with a ton of stuff too, including a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, a pillow case, pillow sham and a matching bed skirt. If you prefer to look pretty in pink, then why not check out the bedding on the right?

If you are looking for a budget alternative to a full bedding set, why not pair your existing brown or beige sheets with a stunning blanket throw like the one on the left? You can even finish off the look with some fun decorative pillows if you like.

Westland Giftware Marcia Baldwin Canvas Wall Art Horse Wind II
Wild Horses Peel and Stick Decals
If you have blank space on your walls, be sure to fill it up with some lovely horse goodness. Whether it's photos of your favorite pony or cut outs from your favorite magazines, stick it up there! You can also get plenty of posters and canvas art out there that would look beautiful on a bedroom wall: my favorite is the rich and colorful painting by Marcia Baldwin featured just above. It's so beautiful!

Another great option is horse themed decals. These are easy to apply, remove and rearrange, and don't leave any marks behind. For a realistic look, the stickers on the right are a great choice. If you want to go for a look which is pretty in pink, you'll love these girly decals. Another cool and modern style of decal is this set of reflective mirror decals shaped like horses.

Brown Stallion Horse Table Lamp W/ Nature Print Shade
Rivers Edge Products Horse
Switch Electrical Cover Plate
Next up, always ensure that there is a light in your life with some energetic horse themed lighting. I highly recommend the attractive and glowing Brown Stallion base lamp featured above for your bedside cabinet. The lamp is also available with a brown or a black stallion instead. For a more antique look, there is a range of similar lamp shade with horse themed bases made by Thomas Kinkade. If you are shopping for young kids, they might like this horse themed nightlight.

Since I've found out that lightswitch plates are a thing, I always recommend them for themed bedrooms, especially for kids. After all, why leave any space boring and plain if you don't have to? On the left is a beautiful cover plate by Rivers Edge which would look lovely in any equestrian bedroom. They make great Birthday and Christmas gifts too!

Horse Statuary Accent Table
American Furniture Classics
Wild Horses Sofa
Did you know you can even get horse themed furniture? This is definitely one for those who have no restrictions on the budget, as it can turn your bedroom into a truly unique set-up. Take for example the jaw-droppingly detailed and artistic accent table above. I've never quite seen anything like it, and neither will most of your friends, I'm willing to bet! You can also get a unicorn themed version of this amazing table here

If you have room in your bedroom for a whole sofa, then you just have to take a look at the gentle and demure Wild Horses sofa featured on the right. You can get a matching armchair for it here.

For a budget option for those of you who already have a sofa, you can get horse themed sofa and armchair covers.

Rivers Edge Products 3 Horse with Barbed Wire Picture Frame
Gift Corral Small Waste
Basket Western Pleasure
Last but not least, finish off your room with some rustic horse themed accessories to make the place truly yours. There are plenty of ideas to choose from, such as the nostalgic western style photo frame above, or the cowboy themed waste basket on the left. There are also a number of hanging decorations around in the equestrian theme, such as ceiling fan pulls and twinkling wind chimes.

Silver Engraved Horse Trotting Statue
I love having loads of figurines to match any theme, and there are literally hundreds for this one. My personal favorite is the stunning silver engraved statuette on the right. For a more rustic look, this faux wood horse figurine would be absolutely perfect!

So there you have it! That's my guide to decorating a galloping equestrian bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and have a lot of fun with your new room. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom decor ideas on the net!

Nautical Sailor Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas for Kids

Nautical Themed Comforter set, Navy Blue and White Striped
C & F Enterprises Knotty Buoy
Got a future explorer of the seven seas budding in your midst? Why not treat their imagination to a beautiful nautical themed bedroom? There are plenty of accessories out there to achieve the perfect look, and this post is going to be looking at just a few of my favorites. Let's get started!

Anchors Away Nautical Embroidered
Decorative Pillows Set
First things first, sailor themed bedding. You can find all of my favorite nautical bedding sets here, so here I've just included two of my favorite bedding designs. Both are very simple, classic looks for the theme, with an iconic blue and white color scheme that will make the perfect foundation for the room.

If you are looking for a budget alternative to buying a full bedding set, one handy trick is to pair your existing light colored sheets with a sailor themed blanket. This nautical stripe throw by Greenland is my personal favorite choice, but you can get many more in many different sizes and styles. If you like, you can add some decorative pillows like the ones on the left to enhance the look.

Voyager nautical boat white oak with navy blue accents wood bed with trundle and drawers
Here's something extra-special if you are fine with breaking the piggy bank: an awesome wooden sailboat themed bed! This incredible piece is made from oak wood, decorated with cute little blue anchors and has a slide out trundle with many drawers so you have plenty of discrete storage space. It's really amazing, and I highly recommend it. 

Welcome Aboard Cloth Life Ring Navy Accent Nautical Decor
Personalized Name Sailboat Wall Decal
If you are struggling with a few blank spaces on your walls, you are going to have a whale of a time with the wide variety of nautical wall decor that is out there. Hanging ornaments are a popular choice, such as the lifesaver ring decoration above. Wooden ship wheels like this one are another fun variation on this theme.

Nautical IV Red Gallery Canvas
As well as 3D ornaments, there are of course plenty of 2D pieces of art for you to choose from. Wall decals are easy to apply and remove and come in an array of styles. My personal favorite is the sailboat decor on the right, which can be personalized with your child's name and initial, but you can find many more sailor and ocean themed decals here. Pick you favorites and go wild on your bedroom walls!

There also a lot of very pretty canvas art available out there. I particularly like the 'AHOY' distressed style anchor canvas art on the left. The shabby chic design works very well with this theme in my opinion.

Deco 79 Wood Anchor Table Lamp
Next up, some lovely sailor themed lighting to be your beacon at night. Above is a beautiful wooden anchor themed lamp that would match any nautical room very well. For older kids, you can also get sailboat and lighthouse style candle holders, and if you don't like the idea of real flames, you can substitute flameless LED candles like these for the real thing.

Nautical Wheel Table

Nautical Distressed
Wood Boat Shelf
Here's a very novel idea for those of your with a bit of a higher budget to work with: nautical themed furniture! There is a lot of it out there to fit all of your needs. For example, school age kids might benefit from the fun anchor themed desk above for doing their homework. Here's a sweet counter chair that would match it perfectly. For younger kids, here's a cute rocking chair with an anchor themed design, and here is an even smaller one that you can personalize with your child's name. Pretty awesome! 

There are lots of bookshelves out there in this style, many of them made from actual converted boats. It's a great conversation starter, so find your favorite and give it a spin! If you need even more storage space, why not take a look at this amazing set of storage trunks, or a sailor themed laundry hamper. They are all astonishingly beautiful pieces that will make your room stand out from the rest, any day.

Handcrafted Nautical Decor Pacific Handcrafted Model Ship, Fully Assembled
Nautical Ship Porthole Mirror Wall Decor
Last but not least, finish off the room with a handful of little accessories that will make the room feel homely, and you'll be ready to set sail! There are plenty of ideas to choose from, from sailboat and rope themed picture frames to nautical themed furniture knobs and anchor shaped door stoppers

Puzzled Vintage Box Nautical D├ęcor
My personal favorite is decorative portholes for your walls of desk - you can get purely decorative ones, or ones that double as a mirror, such as the one on the right. They make cool picture frames too.

So there you have it! Those are my favorites ideas for decorating a nautical sailor themed bedroom for a young boy or girl. I hope you found some wonderful ideas and have a lot of fun with the project. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor ideas on the net!

Creepy Skull Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas for Girls

Alchemy Gothic No Evil Comforter Set Cover Set
Veratex Rainbow Skulls Comforter Set
Looking to decorate a skull themed bedroom for a girl? Whether you're looking for straight goth or girly pastels, there are plenty of bedroom accessories out there that will help you get the perfect look. I've collected all of my favorites into one place to help you out. Let's get started!

First thing you are going to need is some skull decorated bedding to form the bones of the theme. You can find all of my favorite skull themed bedding ideas here, but to get you started, here are a couple of great ones.
URDesigner Two Skulls in
Love Cushion Covers 
For hardcore gothic, you can't go wrong with the stunning Alchemy Gothic 'No Evil' comforter set featured above. Each set of this creepy bedding come with the duvet cover and two matching pillow cases. If, alternatively, you are looking for something a little more feminine, the Veratex Rainbow skulls set on the right is absolutely perfect. This collection includes the comforter, a fitted sheet, a pillow case and the matching pink bedskirt.

If you want an awesome budget idea, you can do away with a full skull themed bedding set and instead pair beautiful decorative pillows like the one on the left with a funky skull themed blanket throw. Add them to your existing sheets and you have a wonderful look for half the price!

My Wonderful Walls Sugar Skull Day of The Dead Skull with Roses Wall Sticker Decal by Valentina Harper
Flower Skull Poster
Here's a mistake that many people going for a gothic theme make - don't paint your walls black! It will leave your room looking dark and small, in a way that is really more depressing than you would think. Trust me, I've made that mistake myself in the past. Instead, choose deep purples, blues, medium grays, and make sure the room is capable of being very well lit. I've featured some cool skull themed lamps below, so be sure to take a look at those.

Whether or not you are painting the walls, you'll need some fun pictures to decorate the blank spaces with. Skull themed posters and decals are very common: I've featured two of my favorites on the right and above. They come in all styles imaginable. It's not just posters and stickers either, you can get hanging wall tapestries, gorgeous canvas art, and faux animal skull trophies. Pick your favorites and go wild with it!

Protect 3d Glow LED Lamp - Kids Room Art Sculpture Light Amazing Optical Illusion (Skull)
Skull Incense Burner Votive T-light
Candle Holder Meditation Figurine
A lot of people neglect lighting when it comes to decorating themed bedrooms, even though it can add a really unique flair to a room. Skull themed lighting is more common than you would think, and every piece is a really original design. The wire frame skull lamp above is a great spooky lamp, for example. Alternatively, if you are going for the more 'day of the dead' style of skull bedroom, this Thai style wooden framed paper lamp would look perfect!

Skull themed candle and tea-light holders are another wonderful choice for the theme, it gives the room a real dungeon feel. If you like candles but don't want to take the risk with real flames, you should take a look at these stunning and kooky skeleton themed flameless LED candles.

8 Inch White and Light Brown Colored Floral Human Skeleton Skull Figurine Statue
United Weavers Legends Rug
Snake Eyes Skeleton Skull
Last, but not least, finish off the room with some personal, unique touches. For this you will need skull themed accessories, little ornaments and the like that just scream 'you'. This skull themed clock is very cool, for example, and for girls who need space to store their jewellery, these trinket boxes would be amazing. There is also a lot of skull figurines and ornaments, such as the one above which is part of a large range of incredible decorated skulls. I also love the Day of the Dead Lovers figurine range.

Bone Collector Rod Pockets
Curtains and rugs are a must-have for those with bare windows and floors. I'm in love with the stunning dragon and skull themed antique style rug on the right, and for those of you with a taste for the macabre, the 'game hunter' style curtains on the left are also a good pick.

So there you have it! Those are all of my favorite accessories for decorating a skull themed bedroom. I hope you found some amazing ideas and have a ton of fun with your new look. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom decorating themes on the web!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Top Zebra Print Bedding for Girls

Back-To-School 30-Piece Dorm Room Superset, Twin, Extra Long , Zebra/Pink
I recently posted on how to decorate a zebra print bedroom for a girl, and was surprised by just how many styles of zebra print bedding were out there. There were too many to include in that post, so this one is going to feature all of my favorites. Let's take a look!

Cozy Beddings Zebra Animal
Print Comforter Set
If you are looking for something simple and classic, there are many bedding sets which are just a flat zebra print, with different colored undersides. The one above is especially pretty, with its pink sheets! This is actually an entire bedroom in a box, but since I love the bedding and can't find it separately, I thought I would include it anyway. As well and the bedding set, you also get a six piece bath towel set, laundry bags, a bedside storage unit and two tooth brush holders. Pretty cool!

If you are less of a pink-girl, the lovely Cozy Beddings zebra comforter set on the right is a perfect set for you. Each set of this bedding comes with comforter and two matching pillow cases. You can get a matching zebra sheet set for it here.

Mizone Reagan Duvet Cover Set - Pink
Black Teal Zebra Comforter Set
Love yourself some stripes? This kind of bedding is a great way to mix and match your colors and patterns while still maintaining that funky safari vibe. My personal favorite is the lovely polka dot Mizone bedding up above, which comes with the duvet cover, two standard pillow shams and that cute pink decorative pillow.

If you prefer to look beautiful in blue, then there is a blue version of the Mizone bedding for you to check out, though it has a cheetah print rather than zebra. For blue zebra bedding, you want the the gorgeous teal bedding on the left. Matching sheets are available for it here. A similar style of bedding is available in purple here, which features a mix of zebra and cheetah print patterns.

7-Piece Safari Zebra & Giraffe Print Comforter Set Micro Fur Bed In a Bag
Hot Pink / Black Comforter Set
Animal Zebra Print Bedding
If you want your bedding to bold, eye-catching and stunning, then one of these three funky pieces might be perfect for your. The patchwork bedding above is a really great set, with a mix of giraffe and zebra print and a very loud purple shade. It comes with a lot of stuff too: a comforter, two pillow shams, a bedskirt, a decorative cushion and two neckrolls.

My Room Zebra Comforter Sheet Set
A similar style of bedding is the hot pink bedding on the right, with its stark, thick black lines and neon coloring. It includes the comforter, a pillow sham, a bed skirt and two decorative pillows.

For something simple but still quite bright, zebra print doesn't always have to be black on a lighter color, as the cute blue and white bedding on the left shows well. This bedding is also available in pink and in purple, and each set comes with a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, a pillow sham and a pillow case.

Hot Pink, Black & White Funky Zebra Bedding
Girls Bedding -MISTY ZEBRA
Bed in a Bag Comforter Set
Last but not, least we have these two wonderful bedding sets for younger girls. Both are a lovely combination of of zebra stripes and pink, though the bedding above is also available in other colors and sizes here. Both come with everything you need too: the one above has a window valence in addition to the bedding, and the one on the right comes with an adorable and very cuddly stuffed zebra toy. They are amazing value for money!

So there you have it! Those are my top favorite zebra themed bedding sets for girls. I hope you found one that is perfect for your bedroom and have sweet dreams. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedding and bedroom decor ideas on the net!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Zebra Print Bedroom Decor Ideas for Girls

Dorm Room Superset, Extra Long , Zebra/Pink
Zebra Animal Print Bedding Set
If you are heading back to college or just want to jazz up your bedroom with a new style, a very modern and fashionable look is the zebra print theme. It's bold, it's minimalist, and it can be matched with pretty much any color you fancy, making it perfect for girly-girls and tomboys alike. This is my guide to all of my favorite zebra bedroom accessories!

First things first, you will need a bedding set to form the centerpiece of the room. There are a myriad of appropriate sets out there, from plain print like the one on the right, to energetic and colorful pieces like the one above, to mixed animal prints and pattern-combos.

MISTY ZEBRA- Bed in a Bag Set
For a dash of different colors and patterns, I recommend taking a look at the adorable Misty Zebra bed in a bag set on the left. With lots of cute girly colors and fabulous hearts, this bedding is sure to capture the imagination. Plus, it comes with a free zebra plushie!

Other sets that I like include this purplicious bedding and its matching baby blue cousin. I've made a whole post of other zebra bedding sets too, which you can take a look at here.

If you are looking for a budget option, a great idea is to pair your existing black, white or pastel sheets with a zebra print blanket like this one and a couple of cute decorative pillows. Its a quick and easy way to get the perfect look without having to buy complete bedding sets!

Zebra Shoe Art Poster Print by Todd Williams
Zebra Heart Wall Vinyl Sticker Decals
Be sure not to leave those walls bare, as this will make the room seem cold and lonely. There are plenty of posters of zebras out there, as well as some cool feminine posters mashing the safari look with a modern style. I just love the vintage, Parisian style poster art by Todd Williams featured above, and a matching zebra 'attitude' poster is available here.

Another easy wall decorating accessory is zebra themed wall decals like the cute ones on the right. These are really easy to apply and remove when you need a quick change of pace. Bright pink zebra hearts are also available for those who want their room to be pretty in pink! Alternatively, check out these matching purple ones. You can get star shaped and circle decals too, or you could go all out and have a large zebra decal grazing its way across your walls!

Chezmoi Collection Black and White Micro Fur Zebra with Giraffe Design Window Curtain
My favorite thing about animal print themed bedroom is the curtains, because I get to whip out something from the incredible Chezmoie collection. They make these stunning chic drapes which combine many layers and styles to get a truly unique look, and above is their zebra print version! These curtains are also available in pink and in purple. For the summer time when you need something a little light, you can swap it out for a zebra stripe window valence, or for older girls, a beautiful valence-style voile window scarf
Homeaxcess Zebra Corner Wall Shelf
Zebra themed storage space is super common, such as the very cute four tier storage bin end-table featured above or the funky and modern corner shelf on the left. Also available are cool hanging fabric shelves for towels, hats and other knick-knacks, a matching shoe organizer, as well as a colorful storage cube. Mix, match and you should have enough room to store everything you need to.

For working and playing hard, there is a wide range of zebra stripe sofas and chairs available out there. Some of my favorites include this low sofa chair with matching ottoman, this plushy beanbag chair, this relaxing zebra print lounger and for particularly classy babes out there, this luxurious accent chair. There's even a zebra office chair that you can pair with this cute and stylish zebra desk.

Zebra Animal Print Heart Shape Chair Accessories Jewelry Box
Cozy Shag Collection Black and
White Zebra Design Shag Rug
Finally, finish off your room with some beautiful zebra theme bedroom accessories to add a personal touch to the room and make it feel like home. The sky is the limit here, and there are plenty of accessories to suit all interests, from jewellery boxes like the gorgeous one above, to amazing paper lanterns that you can hang from the ceiling, to flameless LED candles with a safari themed print. Also, if you have a ceiling fan, be sure to get this amazingly cute zebra fan pull to go with it. 

If your floor is looking bare, I highly recommend you get a zebra themed rug. The large shag rug on the right is a perfect piece, with a cozy plush surface and a stunning and bold design. 

Zebra Lava Lamp, Hot Pink
Last but not least, you'll need some lighting to illuminate the room so your cool stripes aren't hidden by the night. I love lava lamps, personally, and the one on the right is a very bold pink number that would look amazing in a girl's room. For more traditional lamps, this one is a good starter, and you can also decorate your outlets with this zebra print light switch plate.

So there you have it! That is my guide to decorating an exotic and bright zebra print bedroom for a girl. I hope you found some great ideas and have a lot of fun decorating. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor ideas on the net!