Monday, 24 December 2012

SteamPunk Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Steam-punk Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Steam-Punk is one of the most unique looks you can choose for your themed bedroom, though one of the more challenging room designs to pull off. As a big fan of steampunk roleplays and costumes, I thought I'd do a post on creating the perfect steampunk bedroom for all the fans of the genre out there.

Steampunk Bedding Ideas

OLD WORLD NAVIGATION Duvet Cover Bed Linen Set
Steampunk Pillow Cases
Steampunk bedding is practically non-existent, though a few great blankets with steampunk designs can be found here and there - they go out of stock pretty quick due to their rarity. Antique map themed bedding is the easiest to find and fits the steampunk vibe very well - check out all the options here!

Another option available to steampunk fans is to pair a dark brown duvet set like this one with some sweet steampunk themed throw pillows and pillow cases (which are much easier to find than bedding. This is usually a lot cheaper than buying a steampunk themed duvet too, so it's a good option if you are on a budget.

Steampunk Wall Decorations

Steampunk Gears in Space Sci-Fi Canvas
When painting your walls, go for a grungy color, like a grey tinted navy blue, gun metal gray shades or faded browns and creams. This will perfectly capture the spirit of theme.

Steampunk Bat Mirror
Wall decorations are going to be one of the most prominent parts of a steampunk bedroom, so its important to know what is available. There are plenty of steam punk posters available, including some cool ones decorated with schematics for equipment that would be right at home in any steam punk bedroom. There's also some cool canvas art - like the one above! It's really awesome.

You can also try out some steam punk themed decals. An easy way to give your room a steampunk feel is with some cogs and gears decals. Check out some of the best steam punk wall decals here and pick the ones that take your fancy the most.

Another awesome piece of steampunk wall decor I've found is the Steampunk Mechanical Wings Bat Wall Mirror, on the left, and the steampunk themed clocks below.

Steampunk Clocks

Steampunk Valves Clock
I'd almost say one of these kick ass steampunk themed clocks is a necessity for any steampunk themed room, bedroom or otherwise. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, with as elaborate a design of cogs and gears as you want. There's even a heart shaped one below for girls who want a steam punk bedroom that still represents a feminine style.

If you don't fancy (or don't have room for) a wall clock in your steam punk themed bedroom, there's plenty of table clocks available too.

Steam Punk Accessories

Cool Steampunk Design Human Skull Statue Sci-Fi
Steampunk bedroom accessories are all the rage and there's no shortage of them. I've featured some of my favorites above, but you can also find steampunk trinket boxesVictorian style coat hangers, and even steampunk themed mirrors. If you shop around you are sure to find some awesome stuff to go in your new steam punk themed bedroom.

Happy Decorating!

Steampunk Wall Clock Heart Pierced
Cupid Gearwork Painted Resin
I hope you've found some great ideas for decorating your own amazing steampunk themed bedroom. 

If you liked this post and would like to see more bedroom ideas, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best themed bedroom decor ideas and bedroom accessories on the net!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hunger Games Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hunger Games Bedroom Decor Ideas
Are you a huge fan of the Hunger Games series? Looking to decorate your bedroom with lots of awesome Hunger Games merchandise? Look no further. I've collected all of my favorite Hunger Games bedroom decor ideas right here, and I'll be taking you through the essentials for setting up you very own Hunger Games themed bedroom. May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Hunger Games Movie 
Polar Fleece Katniss

Hunger Games Bedding

There's no official Hunger Games bedding yet (I'm constantly on the look out though, so come back often!), but you can make your own DIY Hunger Games bed with some cream or black sheets and a Hunger Games polar fleece like the one on the right. Add some matching Hunger Games pillows to the mix and you have yourself the perfect bed!

You can find a District 12 themed fleece blanket here, and Mockingjay Part 1 themed blanket here for all the Peta fans out there! You can also pick up a cute black Mockingjay Part 1 polar fleece here. Why not collect a few of them so you can always shake it up a little?

Hunger Games Wall Decor

District 13 Hunger Games Vinyl Die-cut Wall Decal Sticker Home Decor
The Hunger Games
Katniss Movie
Poster Print
Next up you'll need some Hunger Games wall art to liven up the walls of your Hunger Games themed bedroom. There's plenty available, especially movie posters which tend to be really bold and a great way to make your bedroom standout.

You can also pick up some sweet Hunger Games wall decals, including some cute Mockingjay symbols as well as decals of the District 12 symbol, which I've featured above. Its a great way to celebrate your anticipation for the third movie - I know I'm excited for it!

Shop around and pick the decor that'll look most awesome in your Hunger Games themed bedroom paradise!

Hunger Games Bedroom Accessories

CafePress Hunger Games fun Wall Clock - Standard Multi-color
Finally, Hunger Games bedroom accessories will add the finishing touch to your bedroom. There's lots of items to choose from, including clocks, Mockingjay lightswitch covers, ornaments and keepsake boxes to store your gear in. Pick your favorites and set them up in your new bedroom!

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've picked up some cool ideas for decorating an awesome Hunger Games themed bedroom. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best themed bedroom decor ideas, bedding ideas and accessories on the net. Oh, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Vanity Sets for Girls

3-Piece Wooden Make-Up Mirror Vanity Dresser Table and Stool Set, White
Looking for a gorgeous vanity set to add the finishing touch to a girl's bedroom? These beautiful mirror and stool sets make incredible and practical bedroom accessories and storage units. They come in all styles and sizes, and there's one for girls of any age. 

Pavlov'z Toyz Light and Sound Vanity
Table Play Set, Pink, Purple, White

Vanity Sets for Toddlers

Every little girl needs her first vanity set to prep her for the real thing, and there's a few cute ones that would look amazing in her bedroom. My favorite one is the one on the right which has a working light and a heart shaped button that plays a melody.

The great thing is they tend to come with lots of accessories like toy hairdryers and combs that make the vanity set an amazing play set that little girls are sure to love. 

Vanity Sets for Young Girls

KidKraft Medium Diva
Table & Stool

Older girls are ready for a real live vanity set, and there are tonnes available in all colors and incredible styles. There are plain ones, ones with skirts, Disney Princess themed vanities, fairy tale vanity sets and many more. They come in a huge variety of different colors too, so there's sure to be one that any little girl will love.

My top favorite vanity set is the one on the right - the color scheme goes with any little girl's bedroom, and its really pretty looking. The stool is nice and stable, so its very safe, which is an addition bonus.

If feminine and girly isn't your daughter's style, there other cool styles to choose from, so shop around!

Vanity Sets for Older Girls and Teens

Vanity Set w/ Curved Leg Design Stool and Table in White Finish
If you are shopping for a vanity set for a teen, there are more mature styles and larger sets available in lots of different styles and colors. These sets might even be appropriate for tweens who want a vanity set they can use for years to come.

Table-top Vanity Sets

KidKraft Accessory Organizer with Mirror
If you don't want to buy a full vanity set or already have a cute desk, table or chest of drawers to put a mirror on, why not pick up a table-top vanity set? These cute sets mean you can have a little extra storage space with your mirror, to store your makeup and hair accessories.

So there you have it, some adorable vanity sets for your bedroom! I hope you found one which is just perfect for you. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome bedroom accessory ideas.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mini Bedroom Chandeliers for Girls

Mini Bedroom Chandeliers for Girls
If you are decorating a princess or palace themed bedroom, or just want to treat the little girl in your life to something truly special, you can't go wrong with a gorgeous mini bedroom chandelier. These lighting sets are high quality and are sure to make any child feel like royalty.

If the sky is the limit for your budget, you might want to look at the Jubilee range of chandeliers, which are by far my favorites. The image at the top of this page is representative of these high quality and beautiful pieces. They tend to cost between $300 and $700, though some great deals can be found for less than that.

If you are looking for some cute budget chandeliers for $100 or less there are plenty of beautiful ones to choose from. I've included two of my favorites below. One of the best things about mini chandeliers is that no matter your budget, you will always get something that looks incredible. Enjoy!

Pretty-in-Pink Pull-Chain
Ceiling Fan Light Kit
4-Arm Chandelier with Glass
Crystal Stem and Drops

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Canopy Beds for Girls

 Triple Lace Ruffle Princess Pink Canopy
Triple Lace Ruffle Princess Pink Canopy
A beautiful net canopy on a little girl's bed is the perfect way to make her feel like an absolute princess. They come in all sorts of colors and styles and there's one to fit any budget. Let's look at the basics of what you need.

Powell Princess Emily "Shabby Chic
White" Carriage Canopy

Canopy Bed Frames

If you want to go for a four poster kind of canopy (which look really amazing, so I recommend it!) you'll need a bed with a built in canopy frame to hang it upon. There's loads of styles to choose from, and a few of them even come with their own canopy cover, but my favorite has to be this gorgeous Cinderella's carriage style bed on the right.

You can also get full canopy beds for toddlers at a really good price, such as this one here.

Canopy Day Bed Frames

Bristol Daybed

Another great option for those of you looking for a good canopy bed frame is one of these canopy day beds. They're a dream land palace at night, and a comfortable sofa and seating area in the day!

Not only can these save you money on seating, which is really convenient, but they look absolutely wonderful too: really delicate and feminine. I recommend setting them up with some frilly or lacy floral bedding with cute pastel colors like the one in the picture for a truly fairy tale atmosphere.

 Nicamaka Casablanca 4-Point Bed Canopy - Fuschia
Nicamaka Casablanca 4-Point
Bed Canopy - Fuschia

Four-Poster Canopies

Once you have your bed frame you'll need the finishing touch, the canopy itself. There's lots of different styles available, such as curtain like canopies that can be closed to defend against mosquitoes, to simplistic but beautiful net throws to decorate an elaborate bed frame.

They also come in pretty much every color you can imagine, though pink and white are by far the most common and popular. Pick the one that suits your little girl's bed best and you are good to go!

Stand-Alone Canopies

Purple Feather Metallic Moon and Star Trimmed Girls Bed Canopy

If you don't want to fork out for a brand new bed and all the trimmings, you can always get a stand alone hanging canopy for your daughter's bedroom. These hang from the ceiling and have the advantage of fitting many bed sizes at once. There are two main styles, circular canopies like the one above, and square canopies that imitate the ones you would get for a four post bed frame.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some sweet ideas for setting up your own beautiful princess style bed set for the little princess in your life. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedroom themes, bedding and decor accessory ideas on the net!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fire Truck and Fireman Bedroom Decor Ideas

Firefighter Bedroom Decor Ideas
Does you child really want to grow up to be a fire fighter? Why not treat them to their dream bedroom - a fire truck or fire fighter themed bedroom. With lots of bold colors and bright and fun accessories, all their friends are going to be in complete envy of their cool new room!

Fire Truck Bedding Ideas

Dream Big Firefighter Ultra Soft Microfiber 2-Piece Comforter Sham Set, Gray, Twin
PEM America Firefighter Quilt
There's a number of great fire truck and firefighter themed bedding sets for you to choose from, and these are some of my favorites. Pretty much all of them are some combination of blue and red, so make sure you pick your decor to match! For toddlers, make sure you check out the absolutely awesome fire truck full bedroom set featured at the top of this post. An actual firetruck shaped bed would really make for the most special fire fighter themed bedroom imaginable!

Check out lots of fireman bedding online here.

Firefighter Wall Ideas

RoomMates Fire Brigade
Peel + Stick Wall Decal
When painting your walls, stick with creams, whites and light blues or greys. If you are feeling adventurous you can even go for yellow, which a little girl would be sure to love. You need some thing light to contrast with the bright reds your firetruck bedroom decor will bring to the room. A brickwork or wood paneling look painted over in blue or grey (like in the picture at the top of the post) would also look good, almost like a real firehouse! 

As always, there are plenty of awesome decorations for the blank patches on your walls, from firetruck and fire fighter themed wall decals to some hot fire fighter artwork and posters. Don't overdo it though!

Fire Truck Floor Ideas

Kids Rug Fire Fighting Truck Area Rug
Lots of different color carpets can work in a firetruck themed bedroom, from reds and burgundies to blues of all shades and whites. Laminate flooring is always a good bet too. To decorate your floor some more, you'll need a great firetruck themed rug, and there's quite the range to choose from.

My personal favorite is the rug above: the colors are demure and easy to match with other decor in a typical boy's bedroom, and the pattern is simple yet adorable. If you want something a little smaller though, I definitely recommend picking up a cute firetruck shaped rug here. Shop around, you are sure to find something fun!

Firefighter Furniture Ideas

Levels of Discovery Firefighter Toy Box Bench
The best decor when setting up a firetruck bedroom is definitely the furniture, hands down. Almost every piece of furniture is available in firetruck or firefighter themed form, including chairs, toy boxes, bookshelvesclothes-poles and tables and chair sets. There really is everything you could possibly need, so browse around a discover what will work best in you child's bedroom.

Fire Truck Window Decoration Ideas

Frankie's Firetruck
Fire fighter themed curtains aren't too common, but luckily I came across a great set of firetruck themed curtains I found that will go with almost every fireman themed bedding set you can imagine, especially this one

If you don't like these a cute set of plain light blue curtains to match your chose bedding would work well. For a bold look in your Firetruck bedroom, a set of bright red plain curtains will also look fantastic. Experiment and discover what will look best in you child's bedroom.

Happy Decorating!

Kidkraft Firehouse Bookcase
I hope you've found some really cute fire fighter or fire truck bedroom decor ideas for your son or daughter's bedroom. Lots of little kids want to be a firefighter when they grow up, and they are sure to adore some fire fighter and fire truck decor for their room. 

Got any ideas for a bedroom theme you'd like me to do a post on? Leave a comment below. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedding and bedroom decor ideas on the net! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Twilight Bedroom Decor Ideas: Bella Swan's Bedroom

Bella Swan's Bedroom: Twilight Bedroom Decor Ideas
A Bella Swan, Twilight themed bedroom is a fantastic idea for girls of all ages who love the recently concluded Twilight Saga. Its also one of the more interesting bedroom themes you can pick due to the strange, mismatching colors that seem to work regardless. That's why I'll be outlining the essentials for creating your very own Twilight or New Moon Bella Swan themed bedroom paradise. Thanks to my cousin Emma who is a huge fan of the movies and inspired and helped with this post!

Twilight Bedding: Bella's Bedding

Purple Flocked Comforter Set
You can pick up an similar comforter and bed set as the one Bella Swan has in her room above, which is super convenient! Matching curtains are also available here. As of the New Moon movie Bella has a cute red throw on her bed as well, and you can pick up similar ones here. This should give you all you need for the complete Twilight bedding experience!

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Walls

Twilight New Moon "Dream Catcher" Prop Replica
Twilight Movie Poster
I could never figure out the color of Bella's walls, which always looked to me to change from blue to green depending on the lighting. The internet seems to agree though that the exact color of her walls is a specific shade of turquoise - Benjamin Moore's Blue Spa.

You can also decorate your walls with lots of Twilight themed decals and wall posters, but if you want to stay true to the source material some cute photos from your childhood or of you and your boyfriend, a pretty dreamcatcher like the one Jacob gave Bella (here's a budget similar looking one too), and a pretty framed picture of a wolf by your door is the way to go.

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Lighting

Multi Color Dragonfly Lights
You can have a lot of fun with the lighting in your Bella Swan themed bedroom, since Bella's room has tons of fun, different kinds of lights. Above her bed she has cute dragon fly lights and a string of paper lanterns. Above her dresser she has lights quite similar to these Rattan Ball lights, while on the dresser she has a set of tea lights: I think these ones would look great!

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Window Decorations

Sheer Blue Window Drapes

If you don't want to pick up the curtains that match the bedding, you can try to imitate the curtains Bella has in her room in the movies, which seem to be a blue sheer material covering a beaded curtain similar to this one.

Bella also has a light yellow/gold window scarf on top of all the other accessories on her window. Pretty complicated isn't it! I think this one would look great with all the other drapes I've recommended, so you shouldn't have any trouble putting it all together and making it look as great as it does in the movie.

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Furniture

Amber Pine Computer Desk
Bella Swan's room is filled with wooden, pine type furniture, giving it a very country feel. This is the kind of furniture you want to fill your room with if you want the true Bella Swan Twilight themed bedroom experience.

I've included a desk in the style you want on the right, check it out! You'll also want to pick up a cute dresser too to finish off the look. Combine it with some wooden or laminate floors, and you should be good to go.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some awesome ideas for creating your very own replica of Bella Swan's bedroom from the Twilight Saga movies. If you liked this post and are looking for more ideas, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Army Military Camo Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Army Military Camo Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas
Lots of guys and boys of all ages are fascinated with the army and would love to have an army themed camouflage bedroom! This post is for them, and for any military-loving gals out there as well. In this post I'll go through all the essentials you'll need for a military themed camouflage bedroom. 

Army Military Camo Bedding

Boys Army Green Desert Camo
Comforter Set
First up you'll need some camouflage bedding as the centerpiece of the bedroom. I've included two of my favorite bedding sets above and on the right, and you can find even more camo and army bedding hereIf you want to go for something different there are even grey and pink army camouflage bedding sets available, just make sure you coordinate the rest of your bedroom accordingly. Another great army bedding idea is an army logo or army flag themed blanket throw.

Army Military Camo Wall Decor

Military Wall Decals - Desert CamoTank

I Want You for the U.s. Army
Recruitment by
James Montgomery Flag
Once you've chosen your bedding its time to decorate your walls. The best colors you can go for depend on your bedding scheme - if you've chosen a very dark piece of camouflage bedding you might want to for cream, grey or gunmetal blue walls so that your room doesn't look to dark. Otherwise you might be able to get away with a light green.

After that, you can fill in the blanks on your wall with some awesome military themed wall decals - tanks, planes, guns, soldiers, paratroopers, whatever you are into most! You can find even more great military wall decals here.

There are also lots of great pieces of army themed artwork available to buy on the net such as this beautiful piece on the left. Hanging up some cool military themed flags would also look great. Why not pick up an awesome camouflage themed bulletin board while you are at it?

U.S. Army Digital Camo Single
Shade Bar Lamp

Army Military Camo Lighting

There's lots of different styles of army lighting you can pick up online, from some classy camo to match your bedding to sleek black numbers with the logos of each of the army divisions on them, such as the awesome bar lamp piece on the right. It's got a good sturdy, durable look and feel to it with its metal hardware which fits the aesthetic very well and makes it a pretty cool piece overall.

You can find lots of great army themed and camouflage lamps and lampshades here to spice up your military themed bedroom. Pick the one you like best and you are ready to go!

Army Military Camo Window Decorations

Dream Factory Geo Camo 3-Piece Camouflage Kids Bedroom Curtain Panel Set, Green, 63-Inch
Green Camo Window Panels
Par the course, chances are a camouflage patterned set of window curtain panels will set you on the right track for the finishing touch on any army or camouflage themed bedroom. Gun metal blue, brown and dark green plain curtains should also work quite well so long as you pick a pair that matches your walls.

There's also an awesome military curtain styled after army camouflage netting that I've included below - its a great accessory for kids who want to feel like a real soldier. 

Happy Decorating!

Colour Personalised Army Camouflage
Name Boys Bedroom Wall Decal
I hope you've found some solid ideas for setting up a camouflage army themed bedroom in your home. The only better way to show support to the army and your troops would be by dropping them a donation and flying the flag high!

If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for more of the best themed bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net. Drop me a comment if you have any more ideas or themes you'd like me to blog about!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top Ten Owl Bedding Sets

1. The Fit Owl Home Textile Bedding Set

TheFit Home Textile, Owl Cute 4 Cotton Bedding
Hey everyone! The format of this post will be a little different than normal: instead of going through all the best types of owl bedding (there were too many!), I'm going to be showing you my top ten best owl bedding set ideas. Enjoy! First up, for all the girls who want some funky, unusual colors to light up their bedroom, there's this sweet TheFit Owls bedding set which comes with a duvet, two pillow cases and a flat sheet.

2. Cliab Home Textile Owl Bedding Bedding Owl Applique Duvet Cover

Cliab Colorful Owl Bedding
Here's an unusual owl bedding set that would work great for boys and girls: complete with adorable cartoon owls set against a colorful blue and orange background. The addition of the kitty cats is so wonderful! This set comes with everything you need for the perfect owl bed: the duvet cover, a flat sheet and two matching pillow shams.

For those of you looking for extra accessories, I've also managed to find an adorable owl-shaped plush pillow that would match this bedding set perfectly: check it out here!

3. Duvet Cover Brushed Twill, Owl Tree

If you are looking for a more mature look or a set of owl bedding that would go well with pastel colored bedroom decor, check out the gorgeous twill Owl Bird Tree bedding from Sascalia, featured on the left. This duvet cover can easily be paired with your existing sheets, be they white or any of the bold and soft colors you see on the duvet itself. 

A quick warning though: twill can be a little bit rough before the first few washes, but it more than makes up for it in quality and durability. 

4. Night Owl Children's Bedding Set

Night Owl Childrens Bedding 4 pc Set
What makes this bedding set awesome though is how much stuff comes with it and the possibilities for co-ordination. You get a cute comforter, a pillowsham, a bedskirt and an adorable window valance. Plus you can buy matching wall hangings, lampshades, laundry hampers, curtains and even a great floor rug separately. This adorable bedding set is also available in pink.

5. Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet Cover Set Owl Bedding
 Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet Cover Set Owl Bedding (Twin)
Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet
Cover Set Owl Bedding

Yay! Pink! I for one am a huge girly girl, so I couldn't fail to include a beautiful feminine pink piece of owl bedding on this list. The one on the right is my favorite of the pink bedding sets I've seen. This bedding comes with the duvet cover, one flat sheet and matching pillow shams to boot. Note that it doesn't come with a comforter - you want to put one of your existing comforters inside the duvet.

By the way, if you are looking for accessories to go with this bedding, I think that these baby pink curtains would go with it amazingly, as would this cute set of sheer curtains. Check them out!

6. Girl Pink Green Owl Zebra Bird Full Comforter Set 

Girl Pink Green Owl Zebra 
Bird Comforter Set

This bedding sets is one teens in particular are sure to love. The combination of lime green and hot pink always looks fantastic in a teenager's bedroom, especially when it features a really incredible owl themed design.

This bedding set includes a cute comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, two pillowcases, two shams and a bedskirt. It really gives you everything you need! Pair it with some hot pink or lime green curtains for the perfect look. It also goes excellently with white furniture, as you can see from the picture. 

7. DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Color Owl Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Color Owl Duvet Cover
Here's one especially for older owl fans! Featuring a more realistic owl design with some interesting and beautifully contrasting bright colors, this bedding set is really unique and sure to standout as the centrepiece of any bedroom. DENY Designs has lots of different owl themed bedding sets if you want to check them out, but this one was my favorite!

8. Pink Owl Love Comforter Set

Pink Owl Duvet Set
The advantage of pink bedding like this set is that it is very easy to match with many a girly girl's bedroom decor. I also love the pattern - the combination of owls, candy shop stripes and dainty flowers works really well together. This cutie comes with the duvet cover and the two matching pillow shams you see in the picture.

I reckon a younger owl-enthusiasts and girls who want their room to look pretty in pink would absolutely love this bedding set to bits!

9. Girls Reversible Duvet Quilt Cover Set Owl Hoot Lilac

Girls Reversible Duvet
Cover Set Owl Hoot

I can't believe with this far down the list and we've only just had our first piece of purple bedding! Well fear not, if you or your child has a purple themed bedroom, there is a owl bedding set that is just perfect for you: the Reversible Lilac Owl Hoot duvet cover set.

This set features a big and bold owl-filled design that stands out and proclaims your love of the feathery things from a mile away. It would look perfect in a girly pink, purple or white room and is easily coordinated with plenty of feminine decor, colors and accessories.

10. Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl Childrens and Kids Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl
Children's and Kids Bedding Set
by Sweet Jojo Designs
Say hello to the final entry on our list, another cute little number form Jojo Designs. This awesome bedding set is especially great for girls who love owls but don't want a set that looks too girly and pink. 

The Jojo Designs Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl bedding collection comes with a comforter, a pillowsham, a bedskirt and even a cute matching window valance.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some cute ideas for the perfect owl themed bedding for you bedroom. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net!