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Owl Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

TheFit Home Textile, Owl Cute 4 Cotton Bedding
Are you looking to decorate yourself a right hoot of a bedroom, and need some help finding the perfect decor? Well you are in luck, because this post is my guide to decorating the ultimate owl themed bedroom for a boy or a girl. Read on, and discover some new ideas for your to try!

Owl Themed Bedding Sets

Girl Pink Green Owl Zebra
Bird Comforter Set

First of all, you'll need to pick up some fun owl themed bedding, and there is a lot of it out there! In fact, I've devoted an entire post to my top ten favorite owl bedding sets which you can check out here.

Here's two bedding sets that would look lovely in the bedrooms of girls of all ages, the feminine but funky blue set above and the cute lime green owl print bedding on the right. 

The bedding set on the right includes a cute comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, two pillowcases, two shams and a bedskirt. It really gives you everything you need! Pair it with some hot pink or lime green curtains for the perfect look.

Owl Themed Wall Art

Scroll Tree Peel & Stick Wall Decal MegaPack
Pretty much any color scheme can be made to work well in an owl themed bedroom as the decor is so varied. Deep browns, light pastel colors, bright yellows and sky blues - these are all things that can be made to look absolutely lovely, so get a few paint samples to test and go to town.

Awesome Owls Set by
Paul Brent Print Poster
Be sure not to leave those walls bare when you are done painting them. There are a number of pieces of owl themed wall art out there to choose from to spruce up your walls, such as some very cute owl themed wall decals like the beautiful and gently colored children's tree owl themed decal above, or a humorous 'Owl always love you' quote decal. Shop around for your favorite!

There are other forms of wall art available if you still have room or if decals aren't your thing. I particularly like the four piece owl print poster set featured on the left, and you can also get some wonderful owl themed canvas art such as this one or this colorful pink number for your bedroom.

Owl Themed Furniture

Owl Carved Stool
There's even owl themed furniture out there, such as the awesome hand carved wooden stool with the face of an owl on it above. If you are shopping for younger kids, be sure to check out this revolving bookcase and this cute beanbag. For girls, there is a cute mini pink armchair here.

Owl Themed Bedroom Accessories

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins, Owl
Last but not least, add the finishing touches to your owl themed bedroom with some kooky owl themed bedroom accessories. For example, if you need a place to store all of your clutter, why not treat yourself to a bold blue owl themed storage bin like the one featured above? 

Whimsical Owl Figurine
Owl figurines and statutes are a great decoration for an owl themed bedroom - they are cute, stylish, and really make the room look homely and warm. I particularly like the adorable Whimsical Owl figurine featured on the right - it's so unbelievably cute! If you are shopping for an older girl or a room with a very light color scheme, you might like this distress white owl figurine.

So there you have it, my guide to decorating your very own owl themed wonderland. I hope you found some cool ideas and have a lot of fun decorating your new room. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more fun themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages.

Paris Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a feminine and stylish theme to decorate your bedroom with? Why not treat yourself to an amazingly French Paris themed bedroom delight? This post is going to be looking at all of my personal favorite Paris themed bedroom decor, so read on and have fun.

Paris Themed Bedding

100% Turkish Cotton 3pcs Paris Eiffel Tower Theme Duvet Quilt Cover Set Bedding
First of all, every bedroom needs some bold and stand-out bedding to be the centerpiece of the look. There are literally dozens of Paris themed bedding sets out there in many different styles and designs. There are so many that I actually devoted a whole post to Paris bedding sets, which you can check out right here. I'll just featured a few here.

A colorful and minimalist option for tweens and teens is the blue and pink Eiffel tower reversible bedding collection featured above at the top of this page. Each set of this bedding comes with an enormous amount of stuff, making it a veritable bedroom in a bag. You get a reversible comforter which you can flip over for some variety, two toss pillows, two pillow shams, a flat and fitted sheet set with two matching pillowcases, and even a pair of window panels and curtains tiebacks. That's pretty amazing if you ask me, and wonderful value.

If you want a more retro but still bold and colorful look, take a peek at the vintage Paris in Autumn bedding featured on the right, which comes with a duvet cover, a sheet and a matching pillow case.

Paris Themed Wall Decor

Picture Sensations Framed Huge 3-Panel Modern France Paris Eiffel Tower Giclee Canvas Art
When you are painting the walls of a Paris themed bedroom, you need to decide whether you are going for a retro vintage style or a modern and minimalist style. If you are going for the more modern style, blacks, whites, grays and silvers are the way to go, while for the retro style of Paris bedroom, beiges, creams and browns work well.

Eiffel Tower Peel and
Stick Giant Wall Decal
Don't leave those walls bare after you have painted them! There are a lot of Paris themed wall art pieces out there that you can use to decorate your freshly painted walls, such as the gorgeous black and white Eiffel Tower canvas art featured above.

Eiffel Tower and Paris themed wall decals are also a great idea, as they are really pretty, easy to apply and easy to remove. Check out the intricate Eiffel Tower and quote decal set featured on the left which would look lovely in any girl's bedroom.

There are also a number of art prints and posters that would make fashionable decorations. If you are going for a retro and vintage style of Paris themed bedroom, I highly recommend checking out this cute set of four retro style art prints of Parisian landmarks.

Paris Themed Lighting

Eiffel Tower Paris Lamp
Frame and Shade
You can find a number of Paris style lighting to add a beautiful glow to your Paris themed bedroom. I would highly recommend the amazing lamp on the right, which includes both the Eiffel Tower shaped lamp frame and the pretty vintage style shade. It looks so fashionable! You can get a similar style of Eiffel Tower shaped lamp here too, so be sure to check it out and pick your favorite.

Another fun way of adding some French style to your lighting is to treat yourself to a set of Paris themed light switch plate covers such as this feminine black and pink plate cover.

Paris Themed Bedroom Furniture

Aspire Paris Traveller Chests
Yep, they even make Paris themed furniture that you can adorn your new bedroom with! To start you off, if you need somewhere to store your bits and bobs inside, why not pick up the very cute Eiffel Tower storage boxes featured above for your room?

Sanctuary Paris Accent Chair
Here are some more of my favorites. For both a minimalist and retro style of room, the accent chair featured on the left would look simply wonderful. You can get a matching bench here.

If you've gone for the more vintage style of Paris themed bedroom, I recommend that you pick up some retro style postcard style storage trunks and a set of Paris ottomans in a similar style.

If you are decorating a feminine and girly style of Paris bedroom, then you just have to take a look at this cute pink Parisian style storage bench, which is sure to look lovely at the foot of your bed.

Paris Themed Bedroom Accessories

Black Damask Paper Lanterns Accessory
Finally, finish off your bedroom with some adorable Paris themed bedroom accessories. The cute damask paper lanterns above are a wonderful budget option, and make cool lampshades too. Alternatively, why not pick up a Paris themed figurine like the bronze Eiffel Tower on the right. 

Bronze Paris Eiffel Tower Figurine
Here's another sweet piece of bedroom decor: if you need a place to hang up your dressing gown or coats, why not purchase a few Eiffel Tower themed wall hooks?

A very French piece of bedroom decor is a fashionable room divider to get dressed behind, and there are a few Paris themed dividers for you to choose from. My personal favorite is this stunning black and white Eiffel Tower room screen.

Wall Clock - "Paris/Eiffel Tower"
Vintage Images - by DCI
Last but not least, never be late for the party with a cute ribbon Eiffel Tower themed wall clock like the one featured on the left!

So that was my guide to decorating your very own Paris themed bedroom. I hope you found some great accessories for your room and have a ton of fun decorating and hanging about in it. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to browse the rest of my blog to discover even more fun bedroom and bedding themes for boys and girls of all ages.

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Oriental Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you want to add a hint of exotic flair to your master bedroom, why not treat yourself to an oriental themed bedroom delight? This post is going to be looking at all of my favorite accessories and decor for an oriental bedroom, so read on and find some pieces that are perfect for you. 

Oriental Bedding Ideas

There are loads of different types of oriental themed bedding out there, from Thai styles, Japanese sakura styles, and dragon themed Chinese styles. There are so many that I've made a whole separate post featuring my personal favorites, which you can see here. I'll just feature a couple here.

Sherry Kline China Art Red
6-piece Comforter Set
First of all there is the beautiful Chinese style Dragon Jacquard bedding at the top of this post, which comes with a comforter, two pillow shams, two matching cushions, a neckroll and a bed skirt. The bedding on the right is another Chinese style of bedding, the sort of bedding your would expect to see in an Oriental palace! Its a great way to make you feel like royalty at night. It comes with the incredible embroidered comforter, two pillow shams, two decorative pillows and a bed skirt. 

Second, for a more Japanese and minimalist style of bedding, check out the gorgeous Blossom Tree bedding above. Each set comes with a comforter, two pillow shams, three beautiful decorative cushions and a matching bedskirt.

Oriental Wall Decor

Oriental Furniture Asian Wall Art Oriental Cherry Blossom Gold Leaf Screen Painting
Considering painting your walls to match the Oriental theme? The best colors depend on exactly what style you are going for - if you are going for a Japanese style with lots of blossoms and minimalist bedding, white works best, or perhaps a light peach or pink. For a bold Thai or Chinese, deep reds, browns, golds and oranges look fantastic, as well as grays.

Folding Red Camellia Flower and Bird
Painting White Paper Asian Oriental
Wall Deco Handheld Decorative Fan
Don't leave the walls of your bedroom bare when you are done! There are lots of fun ways to decorate the walls of an oriental themed bedroom, such as the gorgeous screen art painting above or by mounting the pretty paper fan on the left.

If you are going for a Japanese style, you might want to consider sticking up some Sakura blossom themed wall decals, which are easy to install and leave no marks when you remove them. You can also get some lucky kanji (Chinese/Japanese symbol) themed decals with their translations to put up here.

Oriental Themed Furniture

Powell Red Oriental 2-Door Console
If you aren't on a budget and truly want to go all out, why not treat yourself to some absolutely stunning Oriental themed furniture? For example, take a peek at the bold and deeply colored Powell Red Oriental Two Door Console featured above - it looks simply amazing. 

Oriental Furniture Rush
Grass Storage Chest
Another common style of oriental furniture is the rattan style rush grass look, as exemplified by the simple but effective storage chest featured on the right. You can also get a chest of drawers in this style.

If you prefer more solid furniture, stick to very dark wooden furniture for your bedroom, such as the Furinno Simple Design End Table or the Winsome Wood End Table. This minimalist style of furniture works especially well in a Japanese style bedroom.

Oriental Themed Lightning

Thai Style Blossom Lamp

There are also plenty or oriental themed lights to choose from! A very good option if you are on a budget is to hang up some beautiful paper lanterns like the one featured above on the right - they are very cheap and look amazing. Otherwise, you might want to try out one of the gorgeous Thai style lamps out there, like the one featured above on the left.

Oriental Bedroom Accessories 

Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai
With all of that done, it is time to add the finishing touches to your bedroom with some fun oriental themed bedroom accessories. Asian style plants are a great option for adding life to a bedroom - why not give a cute miniature bonsai tree like the one featured above a good home?

ORE International Black Plum
Blossom Screen Room Divider
There are also plenty of Asian room dividers out there. My favorite is the Plum Blossom screen on the left, but you can find plenty more different styles here.

Finally, if you have gone for a lot of woven grass style furniture, I recommend checking out this stylish woven grass rug that would match it all perfectly.

So that was my guide to decorating an Oriental style bedroom. I hope you liked my selections and found some bedroom decor which is perfect for your room. If you liked this post and want to see more, then be sure to browse the rest of my blog for even more bedding and themed bedroom ideas for people of all ages and styles.

Captain America Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Marvel Captain America Sheet Set Size Sheets
Is a hero in your home ready to assemble? Why not help them out with an amazing Captain America, The First Avenger and Winter Soldier, themed bedroom? This post is going to be looking at all of my favorite Captain America movie and comic book themed bedroom bits and pieces, so read on!

Captain America Bedding

Mary's Home Captain America Decorative Throw Pillow Cover
First and foremost, every themed bedroom needs a good set of matching theme bedding to act as the centerpiece of the new room. There isn't much Captain America bedding available out there, but I've found some great options for you to choose from.
Lt Twin Full Queen Size 4-pieces
Captain America the Winter Soldier

First of all, up at the top of this page and on the right are some colorful official Captain America themed bedding sets out there that are just perfect for a boys room.

A cool idea for parents on a budget is to match your child's existing sheets with a Captain America themed throw blanket, such as this Civil War throw.

You can also get some colorful Captain America themed decorative pillows to decorate your bed with. Up above is a great Captain America shield symbol pillow that would look wonderful, and you can also get a toss pillow shaped like the character itself here!

Captain America Themed Wall Decor

Captain America Giant Peel and Stick Wall Decal
The best colors to paint a Captain America themed bedroom is of course the patriotic red, white and blue! If you don't want to choose one of those colors, other colors can work well too, such as beige, grays and browns. Choose the color that works best for your decor.

Captain America Painting
As for decorating those walls once the paint is dry, there are plenty of Captain America themed wall art and decals that are an epic place to start. If your son loves the movie version of Captain America, I highly recommend the giant Captain America, First Avenger, decal of the character featured above. If he is into the comic book version (or both!), you can also get a wall decal of Captain America in the comic book art style.

There are other wall decorations which you can opt for instead of or in addition to the wall decals - check out the very artistic painting style poster of Captain America on the left for example. Its looks stunning and very colorful! If you like the retro look, you might also want to get him a Captain America vintage tin sign to hang up on his wall.

Captain America Themed Bedroom Accessories

Creative 3D Wall Lamp The Avengers Captain America,Wall Light
Finish off your heroic bedroom with some awesome Captain America themed bedroom accessories! My personal favorite is the Captain America shield wall light featured above (no, that's not a real crack in the wall, don't worry!). Its looks seriously cool, don't you think?

Funko Pop! CA2 Winter
Soldier Captain America
Vinyl Bobblehead Figure
There are a number of amazing stand-up posters out there that make both great bedroom decor and wonderful photo opportunities for when his friends come over. Here's one in the movie style, and here's another in comic book art style.

Last but not least, a fun decor idea is to have lots of Captain America figurines decorating your shelves and cabinets. The cute and kitsch bobblehead ornament on the right is good choice for younger comic fans, and here's a more realistic figurine for older boys.

So there you go, my guide to decorating a Captain America themed bedroom. I hope you found some bits and pieces that are perfect for you. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more themed bedroom and bedding ideas for girls and boys of all ages.

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Top Outer Space Bedding that's Out of This World!

Rocket Star Galaxy Space Bedding Queen Comforter Set
Boys and girls all around the world love looking up at the stars and dreaming that they are out there, and now you can bring that magic right into their bedroom with some gorgeous outer space and galaxy themed bedding! This post is going to be looking at all of my favorites, so read on!

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover, Twin
First up is my personal favorite, featured above, a dark and bold outer space bedding set that actually glows in the dark. How awesome it that! Not only that, but the comforter is reversible so you can always flip it around if you feel like having a bit of variety. It comes with a comforter, a bedskirt, and two pillow shams.

Boys Space Rocket Bedding
Second off all, the bedding on the right is the perfect way to ensure your child has dreams of being an astronaut! This seriously cool bedding puts him or her right in the suit and ready to take off, and it looks amazing. You get the awesome duvet cover and a pillow sham with every set.

For some lighter bedding that would look lovely in the spring or the summer, the boys space bedding on the left is perfect. It comes with a duvet cover and matching pillow case.

Boys Outer Space Satellites Blue Bed in a Bag
If you are shopping for decor to match a navy blue bedroom, then why not treat your child to the colorful Outer Space Satellites themed bedding featured above? Each pack of this bedding set comes with an insane amount of stuff for your bed too, such as a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, a bedskirt, one standard sized pillowcase, and a matching pillow sham.

Galaxy Quilt Cover Galaxy Bedding
Galaxy Star Bedding

If you want some truly breath-taking art for your space themed bedding, check out the two sets above, which are just two of a huge range of planetary and nebula themed bedding. They are all unbelievably gorgeous and would look lovely in you bedroom! Each set of both bedding sets comes with a duvet cover, a sheet and two pillow cases.

Space Rocket Ultra Soft Microfiber Twin Comforter Bedding Set
Mysterious Boundless Galaxy Bedding
Space bedding isn't all varying shades of blue: if you want something a little different to match a room with a very light color scheme, check out the Space Rocket grey bedding set above. You get a tonne of stuff with it too: a comforter, one pillow sham, a flat and fitted sheet set and one pillowcase.

So those are my favorite stars and planet themed bedding for boys and girls. I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is perfect for your child's bedroom. If you liked this post, be sure to browse the rest of my blog for even more fun themed bedding and bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages! In particular, you might like my guide to decorating an Outer Space themed bedroom.

Top Ten Minnie Mouse Themed Bedding Ideas

Minnie Amor 8 Piece Disney Comforter Set
Minnie Mouse Remix Sheet Set
If you are shopping for some cute bedroom decor for a girl who loves Disney, why not consider getting her some colorful Minnie Mouse themed bedding for her room? There's loads of it out there, and this post is going to be looking a few of my personal favorites. Read on and enjoy!

Disney Minnie Mouse
Comforter Set
First of all, if you love stripes and polka dots as well as Minnie Mouse or are looking for bedding which will match a pink, red or blue themed bedroom, be sure to check out the very cool Minnie Amor comforter set above. It comes with a whopping eight pieces: a comforter, two decorative square cushions, a bedskirt, a flat and fitted sheet set and two pillow cases to match. You can get it in either full or twin sized.

If you are a fan of heart patterns, then the cute butterfly themed Minnie Mouse themed bedding on the right is something you might want to consider. Meanwhile, if you are shopping for someone who needs their bedroom to look pretty in pink, then take a look at the bubbly hot pink sheet set featured on the left. You can get the matching sheets for it here, and also some cute matching curtains here!

Disney, Mickey & Minnie, Adore, Bedding Set, Double (Queen)
Minnie doesn't always hang out on her own - often you can find her playing games with Mickey Mouse! The bedding above is one such example, with an absolutely gorgeous design, amazing art and a cute his and hers theme. Each of these bedding collections comes with the duvet cover, a bed sheet and two matching pillow cases to finish off the look.

Disney Mickey and Minnie
Vintage  Comforter Set
Blue is definitely not just for the boys you know! If you are getting bedding for a bedroom with mainly blue decor as its color scheme, you might want to have the bedding on the right as the centerpiece of it all. This adorable vintage style set is another example of Mickey and Minnie joining forces, and comes with a comforter and a matching pillow sham. You can get a sheet set for it here, which includes a flat and fitted sheet set and a pillow case.

Black & White Polka Dot
Minnie Mouse Bedding
But back to looking pretty in pink! Every girl needs a bit of polka-dot love in her life, and Minnie certainly understands that! That is why Disney made the gorgeous pink, black and white polka dot beauty which is the Minnie Mouse 'Dots are the New Black' comforter featured on the left, a great combination of patterns, Disney iconography and bold colors. And Minnie herself of course! I think it would look absolutely lovely in a room with a primarily pink color scheme or a pastel color base of any color. This bedding comes with everything you need: the comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, and super cute matching pillow shams.

Minnie Mouse Comforter Set

Next up we have two similar styles of bedding, but still very different. Each uses the combination of Minnie with other patterns such as funky polka dot, bold colors and a popping Minnie Mouse pattern to amazing effect, and would make the perfect birthday or Christmas treat for any girl's bedroom. You can get the sheets for the one on the right here.

Mickey & Minnie Perfect Match Bedding
If you are looking for something more mature, classic and with a minimalist feeling, then why not consider the very simple but beautiful bedding above? The art is done in a very vintage style which makes it a great choice for older girls. Each set of this bedding comes with a duvet cover, a bed sheet and two matching pillowcases.

Red Daisy Duck & Minnie Mouse Bedding
Last but not least, for a girl who likes to go in bold and show off her true colors, the sassy and colorful red Minnie Mouse bedding above would be just perfect, don't you think? It comes with the duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow case. 

So there you have it, my personal top ten Disney's Minnie Mouse themed bedding ideas for your daughter's bedroom. I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is simply perfect! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to browse the rest of my blog to discover even more awesome bedding and themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages!