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Ballerina Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ballet Dancer Ballerina 4pc Set by Sweet Jojo Designs
I loved ballet (and tap dance!) when I was a kid, sadly I have two left feet so I was never any good at it. I always love seeing the passion little girls have for dance, and so I thought I'd make this how-to guide for parents looking to decorate their daughter's room in a ballerina style as a fun treat, with all my favorite ballet bedroom accessories. Let's get started!

Ballerina Themed Bedding

Cherry Blossom Ballerina Bedding
First things first - bedding! There's a number of adorable ballerina bedding available out there, so many that I made a post on my top five which you can check out here. Most ballerina style bedding sets are some variation of a dainty and delicate pink and white color scheme, maybe with a dash of lilac or pastel green, which makes it a great theme for all the girly-girls out there and adds a lot of light, brightness and visual space to a bedroom.

If you are looking for something less pink and more stark and bold though, check out the bedding on the right. Its an artistic rendition of the famous Marilyn Monroe ballerina photo, and it would look simply incredible in an older ballet fan's room.

Ballerina Themed Wall Decorations
Housewares Vinyl Decal Custom Personal Name Ballet Ballerina Home Wall Art
Ballerina Tutu Giant Wall Decals
For wall color, any light or pastel color will work wonders - any shade of white or cream, yellows, pinks and peaches, lilacs, and even a very pale green. Darker shades of purple and pink will also look lovely, but make sure not to go too dark!

Ballerina Canvas Art
When it comes to decorating your walls, there are a lot of fun wall decals that you can pick from. If you like a cutesy cartoon style, the adorable decals on the right are perfect, and for a more artsy style that can even be personalized with you or your child's name, check out the decal above. 

Traditional art work looks very good in a ballet style room, and there is an abundance of ballet themed canvas art (like the gorgeous one on the left which is part of a series) and artistic posters like this one here. Shop around for the ones you like best and go wild!

Ballerina Themed Furniture

Children`s Triple Ballerina Pedestal Table With Glass Top
Prima Ballerina Rocker
Next up, ballerina style furniture! Yay! My personal favorite is the amazing pedestal table featured above, which is so bold and beautiful. Any young dancer is sure to love it. Why not top it with a ballerina shoe vase and a bouquet of flowers?

If you want some cute ballerina style chairs, on the right is a very sweet rocker chair, and you can pick up some normal ballerina style chairs for kids here. Activity tables are a fun idea, and while I haven't been able to find any with ballerina decor, this fun white and pink table with matching chairs is sure to fit perfectly with other ballerina decor. 

Ballerina Themed Lighting
Ballet Dancer Ballerina Lamp Shade by Sweet Jojo Designs
Kurt Adler Ballet Slippers Light Set
Looking for some lighting for your ballet bedroom? The Sweet Jojo lamp shade above is a great start, and if you went for the bedding at the top of this post, its part of the matching set! Otherwise, a plain or frilly pink or white lampshade would look wonderful. Another cute idea is to hang up some fairy lights - on the right are lights shaped like ballet slippers that look seriously pretty. 

One style of lighting which always looks amazing in this sort of bedroom is a mini-chandelier light. The one I think would look best is the Pretty in Pink pull-chain lamp

Ballerina Themed Accessories

Set of 3 Ballerina Girl Figurines Sweet Poses Ballet
Last but not least, accessories galore! Ballerina figurines are a-plenty, and are a lot of fun to collect. My favorite is the set of three semi-realistic dancers above, but you can also get more kitsch designs like this little cutie here. Ballerina jewelry boxes or a slipper shoe picture frame would also look super cute on a girl's nightstand. 

Decorative Ballerina Shoe Vase
For older dancers, I recommend two accessories in particular. The first is the simply mind-blowingly cute ballerina shoe vase on the left, and the second is this very beautiful ballerina folding screen

So that's my guide to making a super sweet and pretty ballerina bedroom for the little dancer in your life. I hope you found lots of fun stuff to get you started and have a tonne of fun decorating. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages. 

Top Five Ballerina Themed Bedding Ideas

Ballet Dancer Ballerina 4pc Set by Sweet Jojo Designs
Lots of girls are into ballet, and a ballerina themed bedroom is a really fun way to celebrate your passion. There's lots of beautiful ballerina themed bedding sets that you can pick up to be the centerpiece for your bedroom, so I thought I'd make a quick post featuring my top five favorites! I hope you like them as much as I do.
Circo Ballerina Twin Quilt/sham Set

First up is the very elegant and feminine set by Sweet Jojo Designs featured above. Each set comes with a comforter, a sham, a bed skirt and even a matching window valence, which is really cool. There's also a lot of matching accessories available for it which you can buy separately. The matching sheets, for example, can be found here. If you are shopping for a younger girl, you can get a dinky version for toddlers here.

If you are a big fan of the frilly Victorian look, then I recommend the beautiful quilt and sham set by Circo on the right. The colors are so pretty and demure, and the design is really quite lovely.

Cherry Blossom Ballerina BEdding
Tippy Toes Bed In A Bag
Personally I'm a big fan of combining pink and green - they produce a very pretty and memorable floral look that is very sweet. If you agree, you might like the fairy ballerina bedding above. It comes with the quilt and the matching pillow sham, and you can pick up a cute matching  light pink decorative heart cushion like the one in the photo here.

I also love polka dots to bits - they are a very easy way to add some crazy fun to any bedding. On the left is a very cute cartoon style polka dot set of ballerina style bedding that a little girl with a lot of polka dot accessories is bound to love. Each set comes with the comforter and a sheet set (with matching shams).

DiaNoche Designs by Marley
Ungaro Marilyn Ballerina
Suffering from a bit of pink overload? Fear not - for those of you who want something a little bit more mature, bold and stark, check out the amazing bedding by Marley Ungara on the right featuring beautiful artwork of Marilyn Monroe as a ballerina. Its super unique and looking incredible. 

So there you go, my top five favorite Ballerina bedding sets. I hope you found one that you love and have a lot of fun with it! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the cutest bedding sets for boys and girls on the net, as well as loads of fun themed bedroom ideas! In particular, you might want to check out my full ballerina themed bedroom guide.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Alice in Wonderland Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Official Disney Alice in Wonderland Set
I'm reading Through The Looking Glass at the moment, and it occurred to me that I don't have an Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom guide on this blog yet! Well lets fix that. Its not an easy look to pull of since there isn't a lot of official room gear out there, but its incredibly colorful and unique theme that is a tonne of fun to do. Lets get started down that rabbit hole...

Alice in Wonderland Themed Bedding

Kess InHouse Mandie Manzano Fairy Tale Alice in Wonderland Fleece Throw Blanket
There isn't much in the way of Alice in Wonderland bedding, though with the popularity of the movies, that's changing! Be sure to pick up anything you like quickly though, as they go out of stock fast. I particularly like this colorful number based on the Disney movie, or this cute bedding set.
Disney Alice In Wonderland We're All Mad Here Full/Queen Comforter
The other option is to pair your existing sheets with an Alice in Wonderland blanket, such as the amazing stained-glass style blanket above or this crazy color pencil style blanket. You can finish off the look with some Alice in Wonderland themed decorative pillows and cushions like those available here

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wall Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Wall Graphic Decal Sticker
Cheshire Cat quote-I'm Not Crazy
Wall Decal- Black
Though there is a bedding shortage, there's no shortage of fun ways to decorate your walls. When choosing a color for your walls, feel free to go mad - any color can be made to work, especially the bold and the crazy!

There's also a lot of decals to choose from too, from character decals like the one of the Cheshire Cat above, but my favorites are the decals of quotes from the book and movies, such as the one or the right, this "Its Always Tea Time" decal or this "The Best People are Bonkers" decal. There's also lots of cute Alice in Wonderland posters, such as this beautiful Go Ask Alice poster or this Disney movie poster. For fans of the Tim Burton movie, then be sure to pick up a bold movie poster like this one or this Mad Hatter one.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Bedroom Accessories

Jim Shore Disney Traditions Alice on Mushroom
Finally, fun accessories! Alice in Wonderland figurines are a lot of fun to collect, and you can find all of your favorite Wonderland characters in figurine form: the caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. I love the Jim Shore figurine above too - the detail on the mushrooms is really lovely. Careful you eat them, Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Steampunk
Antique 1ml Drink Me Vial Mix
If you got the Kess In House blanket for your bed, there's a colorful matching rug you can get here. Every Alice in Wonderland bedroom needs a colorful tea set, and this one is my personal favoriteJumbo playing cards scattered about the room in a random pattern would also look fantastic.

No bedroom is complete without a giant pile of teddies and plushies on you bed or sofa. There's plenty to choose from to match the Alice theme, such as this cute Cheshire Cat plush doll, Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and a plushie of Alice herself.

I hope you found a tonne of cool stuff and have a lot of fun decorating your very own Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom! If you liked this post and want to see more, check out the rest of my blog for all the craziest bedding and bedroom themes on the net!

Top Disney's The Little Mermaid Themed Bedding Sets for Girls

The Little Mermaid Twin Bedding Sea Dreams
So, I was shopping about in preparation for a Disney's Little Mermaid themed bedroom decor ideas post, and there were just too many adorable bedding sets for me to have to just choose one or to. That's why I've decided to devote a whole post to them! 

Disney Little Mermaid Shimmer
and Gleam Bedding
First of all, featured up above, we have the gorgeous turquoise delight that is the Sea Dream bedding set. It's got a very Hawaiian feel to it don't you think? I love the silky, shimmering texture of the bedding too, it looks incredibly unique.

Watercolor Ariel Bedding
Love the flowers and plants that the land under the sea is covered in? You might like the very pretty Princess Ariel themed bedding on the right. I love the glistening detail on Ariel's mermaid tail: the great thing about these bedding sets is just how beautiful the artwork on them is.

If you love deeper colors, then take a loot at the wonderful white bedding on the left. Ariel looks truly beautiful in this art, and it would look wonderful in any little princess' bedroom. It's got an irresistible sense of calm to it, don't you think? 

Sea Princess Ultra Soft Microfiber 2-Piece Comforter Sham Set
Disney Little Mermaid Princess
of The Waves Blanket
The next one, featured above, isn't technically official Little Mermaid merchandise, but its so beautiful and would work so well with Princess Ariel themed decor that I just had to include it! Its part of a series that turns you in various fantasy characters while you sleep - perfect for mermaid themed dreams. 

Disney's Little Mermaid Sea Dance
Comforter & Sheet Set
But back to bedding featuring our leading lady. I really like the background pattern on the Shimmer and Gleam bedding featured on the right, and as usual the artwork of Ariel is absolutely stunning. Flounder and Sebastian look adorable too! Any little princess is sure to adore this look.

If you do buy the Shimmer and Gleam bedding set, I recommend also picking up the very cute Princess of the Waves blanket on the left. It matches perfectly with the Shimmer and Gleam sheets and lets you mix the colors up a bit.

Most Princess Ariel bedding is blue, but if blue isn't your style, don't worry. Check out the Little Mermaid Sea Dance bedding collection on the right, which is an amazing cute mix of pink and lilac for all the lilac-loving girly-girls out there. I love the flower and starfish detail on the sheets; its so cute!

Ombre Little Mermaid Bedding
On the left is a pretty unique look that I found - a more pop art style of bedding. Its made of super soft velvet so its really comfortable to sleep in. There you go! My top favorite Disney's The Little Mermaid themed bedding collections for girls. I hope you found one that is just perfect for you or your little princess, and have a great time with it. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots more fun bedding sets and bedroom themed for kids and adults.

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Top Ten Paris Themed Bedding Sets

Love in Paris Bedding
Parisian themed bedding is a very stylish and modern look for girls of all ages. They come in all colors and a variety of styles, from vintage to modern minimalist, and make wonderful gifts for a Francophile in your life. This post is going to be looking at my top ten favorite Eiffel Tower and Paris themed bed sets, in no particular order. Allons y!

Limited Edition PARIS Bedding
Collection Reversible Comforter,
Sheet Set and Window Panels
First of all, a piece that would look wonderful in any bedroom, the bold, feminine and modern I Love Paris duvet set above. It comes with everything you need: a beautiful duvet cover and two matching pillowcases with adorable pink floral print. I really love its design - its very eye catching.

Next up, for a fan of bold colors and kitsch design, is the truly gorgeous Eiffel tower themed set on the right. This set comes with an insane amount of stuff- its pretty much a bedroom in a box! You get a reversible comforter, two decorative pillows, two pillow shams, a flat and fitted sheet set, two pillowcases, two window panels and a pair of matching tiebacks.

3pcs Paris in Autumn Single Duvet
Cover Set Eiffel Theme Bedding
On the left is a really original look - a combination of bold flashes of blue and an antique vintage style that goes very well with a bohemian era Parisian theme. Each set comes with a duvet cover, a flat sheet and a matching blue pillow case, and you can pick up the double set here.

If you are looking for some cool vintage furniture and accessories that would perfectly match this bedding, here's a few that I like: there's a set of burlap storage trunks, a Chat Noir folding screen, this four piece art work of famous Parisian landmarks, and this cute old postcard style wall clock
Cliab Pink Paris Bedding Girls
Bedding Set Rustic Rural Bedding
Fourth, we have another very bold and stark duvet color set that would work very well in a bedroom that has minimalist colors as its decorative scheme. It would look great with a white or light grey shag rug

For all the girly girls out there, don't be feeling left out by all of this. If you desperately need a complete pink overload of Parisian goodness, be sure to get the many bow-adorned pink bedding set on the right. It comes with a bed skirt, duvet cover, two pillow shams and two pillow cases. You can get it in full, king or queen size. 

Vintage Lamour a Paris Sepia Bedding
If some how that isn't enough pink for your liking, why not pair this bedding with a gorgeous ruffled pink canopy and a pink shag rug? Trust me, shag rugs go with pretty much any Parisian themed bedding.

Not a fan of pink? Looking for something a little more demure? If you are looking for something simple but effective to go over your existing sheets, the Vintage Lamour a Paris Sepia bedding on the left might be right for you. You can also pick up a similar design in a water-color style here. It's got a very authentic feeling to it that will make your bedroom look beautiful.

Paris Eiffel Tower Theme
Bedding, Turkish Cotton
But back to the pink. Because I do very much love pink. Can't get enough! If you want a quick dose of pink with a little bit of kitsch style, I recommend you check out the very pretty Pink Eiffel Tower bedding above. Each set comes with a beautiful black, white and pink comforter, a  matching pillow sham, a bed skirt as well as a window valance to complete the look. You can also buy everything you see in the picture separately to go with it! Pretty cool.

The next bedding set, featured on the right, immediately caught my eye as something very different and unique. I don't know what it is, but I love the style - its kind of like a cross between a painting and a vintage postcard, and the colors work very well together. Each set of this bedding comes with the rose and Eiffel Tower decorated duvet cover, a flat sheet and two matching  pillowcases. 

7 Piece Queen Oh-La-La Reversible Comforter Set
Not all Parisian bedding needs to be super girly - some of it can be quite understated. Case in point is the subtly beautiful Oh-La-La bedding set featured above. I just love the stripy reversible side. This set comes with absolutely everything you need: the lovely comforter, two shams, one bedskirt, two decorative square cushions, and a breakfast cushion.

Purple Vogue in Paris Bedding
Finally, because we haven't had nearly enough purple on this list, check out the incredibly bold, stand-out Paris purple bedding set on the right. Each set comes with the incredible duvet cover, a flat sheet to go underneath, and two matching pillowshams to complete the look. Awesome!

There you go, my top ten favorite Paris and Eiffel Tower themed bedding. I hope you found one that you love! Check out the rest of my blog for loads more themed bedding and bedroom decor ideas. 

How to Decorate a Disney's Sofia the First Themed Bedroom

Disney Sophia 4 Piece The First Toddler Set, Sweet As A Princess
My little sister just loves the Sofia the First series, so this post is for her and all the other kids who would just love to have their very own Princess Sofia themed bedroom palace. There's so many great options to choose from when decorating a room in this theme, so this post is going to be looking at my personal favorite pieces of Disney Junior merchandise. 

Sofia the First Themed Bedding

Sofia the First Comforter and Sheets
There are absolutely loads of Sophia the First bedding sets for children and toddlers out there, so many that I made a whole post devoted to my favorites! Check it out here. I've just included my top two here, one for toddlers above, and one for older girls on the right. Both come with the bedspread and a matching sheet set, so you get everything you need. 

If you are on a budget, a cute idea is to match your existing sheets with a fun Sofia the First blanket, such as this cute purple one. You can match it with some adorable decorative pillows, such as this 3D square cushion. There's even a Sofia shaped cuddle pillow that comes with a matching blanket

Sofia the First Themed Wall Decorations

Sofia The First Peel and Stick
Giant Wall Decals

Any pastel color will work on the walls of a Sofia the First themed bedroom, as well as darker shades of purple - though if you go for the latter I recommend pairing it with some lighter bedding and accessories so that the room doesn't look too dark. Lightness makes the room look bigger!

Don't forget to decorate your walls too. Decals are always fun, and there's a giant decal of Sofia herself available, featured on the left. These are easy to apply and don't leave marks on the wall (they don't use glue), so they are effortless to remove as well. If that's not your thing, there's also some very beautiful canvas art like this one available - it even lights up, which kids are sure to love.

Sofia the First Themed Bedroom Furniture
Disney Sofia The First Activity Table Set
Disney Sofia the First Couch Flip Sofa
They make Sofia the First furniture too! Pretty cool, right? The activity table above is great for when your daughters friends come over to play tea party, and for sleepovers, the flip out sofa-bed on the right can save you a lot of hassle. You can even get a cute marshmallow matching armchair here, and why not pair it with a cute ottoman?

If your child tends to have a lot of clutter and not enough storage space, consider picking up one or more of these themed storage cubes to along with all your other accessories.

Sofia the First Themed Bedroom Accessories

Sofia the First "Real Life Princess" Area Rug
Finally, lets finish of the look with some fun Sofia the First bedroom accessories. There's loads of fun options, so here's just a few of my favorite bits and pieces. Firstly, if your floor is looking a little bare, why not get the pretty area rug above? Next, be sure to pick up a pop-up hamper to store your laundry, and a fun themed wastebasket to keep the trash in.

Disney Sofia the First Pop Up Hamper
Windows looking a little drab? Spruce them up with some cute dark purple Sofia the First window curtains, or these lighter lilac drapes. If you are looking for some matching lights to go with your new bedroom, check out this colorful diecut princess in waiting lamp, or for younger girls, this cute nightlight. Another fun option for girls who love candles are these completely safe flameless candles

Woo! That's my guide to making a perfect Sofia the First themed bedroom for your little princess in waiting. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more bedding and bedroom themes for boys and girls of all ages. 

Top Eight Princess Sofia the First Themed Bedding Ideas

Disney Sophia 4 Piece The First Toddler Set, Sweet As A Princess
Sofia the First Comforter and Sheets
So I was doing prep for a Sofia the First themed bedroom decor ideas post, and there were just too many bedding sets to choose from! I couldn't just pick one or two, so I thought I'd put together a post just for my favorites. 

First up, and my personal favorite of all of these for its bold colors and and very striking design, is the Sweet as a Princess toddler bedding set featured above, which comes with a flat and fitted sheet set, that gorgeous girly pillowcase, and a bedspread to top it all off. 

If you are shopping for an older girl, check out the pretty in pink bedding collection on the right, which comes with a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, and two matching pillows. Its so cute!

Disney Sofia the First 3D Toddler Bed
Sofia the First Comforter and Sheets
It also turns out that they don't just make Sofia the 1st bedding, they also make gorgeous bed frames for toddlers featuring the Princess herself. These are so unbelievably adorable, and kids are sure to love them to bits. I know I do! Check out the one above for example - the 3D design is really special. There's another cute toddler bed frame here. Both would look really good with the Sweet as a Princess toddler bedding at the top of this post.

If you like more pastel colors and a lot of pink and white swirls, then the beautiful bedding set on the left. Its a very soft and gentle look that would go well in a girl's bedroom dominated by softer colors and a would lend a bright and airy feel to any room. 

Disney Sofia First Princess in Training 10-piece Bed-in-a-bag with Sheet Set
Disney Sofia the First Micro Mink
2 Piece Warm Sheet Set
That's enough pink, now something for the purple fans! I love the comforter design above, its like those really pretty portrait frames you get in Victorian style houses and looks really pretty. 

Sofia The First 'Amulet' Reversible
Duvet Cover Rotary
With Pillowcase
Like mink? I know I do, its soft, cuddly, and a lot warmer than regular cotton and polyester, which makes it a great choice for the winter months. If a cold front is coming your way, I recommend picking up the two piece purple sheet set on the right to go under your princess-in-training comforter and duvet. For example, why not pair it with the beautiful duvet on the left? This one is very light and and sure to bring a lot of brightness to your child's bedroom.

Last, but certainly not least, below we have a very pink-a-licious number featuring a fantasy castle, Princess Sofia, and lots of very pretty birds and swirls. Well, what more could you ask for?

Disney's Sofia the 1st Sweet Princess Coral Fleece Blanket
There you go! My top eight favorite Sofia the 1st bedding on the net. I hope you found one you loved! If you liked these and want to see more fun bedding and bedroom themes for girls and boys, check out the rest of my blog.