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How to Decorate a Horse Themed Bedroom for an Equestrian!

Country Horses Running Mountains Twin Comforter Set (6 Piece Bed In A Bag)
Boys and girls alike and all over the world are in love with man's true best friend, the majestic horses that have been with is all the way through history. To celebrate these wonderful creatures, why not decorate your room, or help a fellow equestrian to decorate their room in a horse theme? There are many amazing accessories to choose from, and this post will be looking at my favorites. Let's go!

Pink Pony Bandana Horse
Print Comforter Set
First thing any themed bedroom needs is a solid piece of bedding to ground both the theme and the color scheme of the bedroom. I've made a whole post on all of my favorite beautiful horse themed bedding here, so this post is only going to feature a couple of my top picks.

Western Horse Fleece Throw Blanket
The bedding at the top of my page is one of my favorites, suitable for all ages and fitting in well with both modern and rustic styles of room. If comes with a ton of stuff too, including a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, a pillow case, pillow sham and a matching bed skirt. If you prefer to look pretty in pink, then why not check out the bedding on the right?

If you are looking for a budget alternative to a full bedding set, why not pair your existing brown or beige sheets with a stunning blanket throw like the one on the left? You can even finish off the look with some fun decorative pillows if you like.

Westland Giftware Marcia Baldwin Canvas Wall Art Horse Wind II
Wild Horses Peel and Stick Decals
If you have blank space on your walls, be sure to fill it up with some lovely horse goodness. Whether it's photos of your favorite pony or cut outs from your favorite magazines, stick it up there! You can also get plenty of posters and canvas art out there that would look beautiful on a bedroom wall: my favorite is the rich and colorful painting by Marcia Baldwin featured just above. It's so beautiful!

Another great option is horse themed decals. These are easy to apply, remove and rearrange, and don't leave any marks behind. For a realistic look, the stickers on the right are a great choice. If you want to go for a look which is pretty in pink, you'll love these girly decals. Another cool and modern style of decal is this set of reflective mirror decals shaped like horses.

Brown Stallion Horse Table Lamp W/ Nature Print Shade
Rivers Edge Products Horse
Switch Electrical Cover Plate
Next up, always ensure that there is a light in your life with some energetic horse themed lighting. I highly recommend the attractive and glowing Brown Stallion base lamp featured above for your bedside cabinet. The lamp is also available with a brown or a black stallion instead. For a more antique look, there is a range of similar lamp shade with horse themed bases made by Thomas Kinkade. If you are shopping for young kids, they might like this horse themed nightlight.

Since I've found out that lightswitch plates are a thing, I always recommend them for themed bedrooms, especially for kids. After all, why leave any space boring and plain if you don't have to? On the left is a beautiful cover plate by Rivers Edge which would look lovely in any equestrian bedroom. They make great Birthday and Christmas gifts too!

Horse Statuary Accent Table
American Furniture Classics
Wild Horses Sofa
Did you know you can even get horse themed furniture? This is definitely one for those who have no restrictions on the budget, as it can turn your bedroom into a truly unique set-up. Take for example the jaw-droppingly detailed and artistic accent table above. I've never quite seen anything like it, and neither will most of your friends, I'm willing to bet! You can also get a unicorn themed version of this amazing table here

If you have room in your bedroom for a whole sofa, then you just have to take a look at the gentle and demure Wild Horses sofa featured on the right. You can get a matching armchair for it here.

For a budget option for those of you who already have a sofa, you can get horse themed sofa and armchair covers.

Rivers Edge Products 3 Horse with Barbed Wire Picture Frame
Gift Corral Small Waste
Basket Western Pleasure
Last but not least, finish off your room with some rustic horse themed accessories to make the place truly yours. There are plenty of ideas to choose from, such as the nostalgic western style photo frame above, or the cowboy themed waste basket on the left. There are also a number of hanging decorations around in the equestrian theme, such as ceiling fan pulls and twinkling wind chimes.

Silver Engraved Horse Trotting Statue
I love having loads of figurines to match any theme, and there are literally hundreds for this one. My personal favorite is the stunning silver engraved statuette on the right. For a more rustic look, this faux wood horse figurine would be absolutely perfect!

So there you have it! That's my guide to decorating a galloping equestrian bedroom. I hope you found some great ideas and have a lot of fun with your new room. If you liked this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom decor ideas on the net!

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