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Creepy Skull Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas for Girls

Alchemy Gothic No Evil Comforter Set Cover Set
Veratex Rainbow Skulls Comforter Set
Looking to decorate a skull themed bedroom for a girl? Whether you're looking for straight goth or girly pastels, there are plenty of bedroom accessories out there that will help you get the perfect look. I've collected all of my favorites into one place to help you out. Let's get started!

First thing you are going to need is some skull decorated bedding to form the bones of the theme. You can find all of my favorite skull themed bedding ideas here, but to get you started, here are a couple of great ones.
URDesigner Two Skulls in
Love Cushion Covers 
For hardcore gothic, you can't go wrong with the stunning Alchemy Gothic 'No Evil' comforter set featured above. Each set of this creepy bedding come with the duvet cover and two matching pillow cases. If, alternatively, you are looking for something a little more feminine, the Veratex Rainbow skulls set on the right is absolutely perfect. This collection includes the comforter, a fitted sheet, a pillow case and the matching pink bedskirt.

If you want an awesome budget idea, you can do away with a full skull themed bedding set and instead pair beautiful decorative pillows like the one on the left with a funky skull themed blanket throw. Add them to your existing sheets and you have a wonderful look for half the price!

My Wonderful Walls Sugar Skull Day of The Dead Skull with Roses Wall Sticker Decal by Valentina Harper
Flower Skull Poster
Here's a mistake that many people going for a gothic theme make - don't paint your walls black! It will leave your room looking dark and small, in a way that is really more depressing than you would think. Trust me, I've made that mistake myself in the past. Instead, choose deep purples, blues, medium grays, and make sure the room is capable of being very well lit. I've featured some cool skull themed lamps below, so be sure to take a look at those.

Whether or not you are painting the walls, you'll need some fun pictures to decorate the blank spaces with. Skull themed posters and decals are very common: I've featured two of my favorites on the right and above. They come in all styles imaginable. It's not just posters and stickers either, you can get hanging wall tapestries, gorgeous canvas art, and faux animal skull trophies. Pick your favorites and go wild with it!

Protect 3d Glow LED Lamp - Kids Room Art Sculpture Light Amazing Optical Illusion (Skull)
Skull Incense Burner Votive T-light
Candle Holder Meditation Figurine
A lot of people neglect lighting when it comes to decorating themed bedrooms, even though it can add a really unique flair to a room. Skull themed lighting is more common than you would think, and every piece is a really original design. The wire frame skull lamp above is a great spooky lamp, for example. Alternatively, if you are going for the more 'day of the dead' style of skull bedroom, this Thai style wooden framed paper lamp would look perfect!

Skull themed candle and tea-light holders are another wonderful choice for the theme, it gives the room a real dungeon feel. If you like candles but don't want to take the risk with real flames, you should take a look at these stunning and kooky skeleton themed flameless LED candles.

8 Inch White and Light Brown Colored Floral Human Skeleton Skull Figurine Statue
United Weavers Legends Rug
Snake Eyes Skeleton Skull
Last, but not least, finish off the room with some personal, unique touches. For this you will need skull themed accessories, little ornaments and the like that just scream 'you'. This skull themed clock is very cool, for example, and for girls who need space to store their jewellery, these trinket boxes would be amazing. There is also a lot of skull figurines and ornaments, such as the one above which is part of a large range of incredible decorated skulls. I also love the Day of the Dead Lovers figurine range.

Bone Collector Rod Pockets
Curtains and rugs are a must-have for those with bare windows and floors. I'm in love with the stunning dragon and skull themed antique style rug on the right, and for those of you with a taste for the macabre, the 'game hunter' style curtains on the left are also a good pick.

So there you have it! Those are all of my favorite accessories for decorating a skull themed bedroom. I hope you found some amazing ideas and have a ton of fun with your new look. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best bedroom decorating themes on the web!

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