Monday, 1 April 2013

Pokemon Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pokemon Big Pika Twin/Full Comforter with 2 Pillow Shams by The Northwest Company
I've been a fan of Pokemon since before I can remember, and I still play every single game as soon as they come out - I'm an addict! Lots of kids and teens are even more passionate about the Poke-phenomena than I am, and whether they love the games, the anime or both, a Pokemon themed bedroom is an awesome way to express their passion for the cute little critters. Here's how to go about it!

Creating a Pokemon Themed Bed

Pikachu Pokemon Bedding
Pikachu Pillow Pet
Sadly finding actual official Pokemon themed bedding is extremely difficult (though I've managed to find at least one, featured above) - I have no idea why! However there are a couple of ways around this. First of all, you can occasionally find some cute Pokemon themed blankets and throws than can be put over plain bedding to achieve the same effect. 

Secondly, there's a great selection of really novel and unique Pokemon themed pillows you can pick up, including my favorite, the Pokemon pillow pet! These are basically plush toys which open up to form a pillow - see the Pikachu one the right. Some more of my favorite Pokemon pillows include a Square Pikachu pillow, a Pokeball plush pillow, and a Pikachu face pillow.

Pokemon Wall Decor

Pokemon Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster
Luckily finding Pokemon wall decor to spice up your walls is vastly easier than finding bedding. There's a huge range of Pokegear to choose from, from Pokemon wall decals, Pokemon posters and my personal favorite, Pokemon Wall Scroll hangings

In terms of what color you want your walls, the best thing about Pokemon is that the sky is really the limit. You could choose to theme your room around a particular Pokemon, for example, in which case choose their color scheme - yellow for Pikachu, purple for Ghastly and so on. Or you could theme it around a particular Pokemon type, such as grass or electric Pokemon. Yellows and reds always work well in a Pokemon themed bedroom.

Pokemon Plushies and Toys

No Pokemon themed bedroom is complete without a veritable mountain of Pokemon plushies, toys and figurines everywhere! Check out all the best Pokemon plushies here. There's also a wide range of Pokemon figurines - why not collect them all?

A cool idea is to theme your room around a certain type of Pokemon, like fire, or a certain game series such as Fire Red / Leaf Green, and fill your room with plushies and toys from that type/game only. You could even switch it up every so often!

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some great ideas for creating your own Poke-bedroom. If you liked this post and want to read more, don't forget to check out the rest of this blog for all the best bedroom themes, bedding and decorating ideas on the net! You can also follow me on Twitter and be the first to read my new posts, or follow me on Pinterest and check out all my cool bedroom finds!

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