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Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas

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To celebrate Halloween, this post will be looking at how to decorate a Gothic style bedroom. The Goth look is incredibly popular among teens and adults alike, with its dark and bold contrasting colors and elaborate and beautiful ornamental style. There's lots of great decor to choose from and tips to be given, so lets get started...

Gothic Beds and Bedding

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First up, you'll want the perfect Gothic bed to form the centerpiece of your room. If you really want to go all out, begin with a stylized Gothic cast iron bed frame like the one on the right, or a darkly colored wooden frame like this one for a more ancient and antique look. 

Once you have that, you'll want some bedding. Deep purples look great in a Gothic style room as well, such as this gorgeous bedding collection here. If you want patterned bedding, why not check out some skull themed bedding like this one?

Gothic Pillows and Cushions

Anne Stokes `Immortal Flight` Throw Pillow

Pillows and cushions are a quick and easy way to decorate a bedroom, and there's quite a few beautiful Gothic pillows for you to choose from. The one above is my favorite, featuring a gorgeous piece of Gothic angel art. Its part of a collection of angel art pillows, and they are all amazing, so why not pick up more than one? Plain black pillows also work well with Gothic color schemes, as well as lace decorated pillows and cushions. Toss them on your bed or on your sofa for an simple but effective Goth look.

Gothic Curtains

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Here's a classic decorating idea for a Gothic bedroom is a set of beautiful lace curtains, like the set above. Black is always a good choice as it'll match up with all of your other Gothic decor. For more of a vamp look, try deep colored satin or velvet curtains, such as this dark red curtain set or this velvet black number.

The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa
Wall Sculpture

Gothic Wall Art and Decorations

Next up, you'll need to decorate your walls. Now, surprisingly, I wouldn't actually recommend painting your walls black - it'll make your room look ten times smaller than it is and it'll get claustrophobic. Instead, opt for deep reds, blues and purples, or a light green or grey combined with lots of black decor. There are lots of Gothic posters and wall art to choose from too. My favorites are the ones with gothic fairies and angels. Wall sculptures are a cool option too - check out the awesome bats on the right.

Gothic Furniture

Gothic Victorian End Table
If you aren't on a budget then a sweet option for decorating your bedroom is with some Gothic and Victorian style furniture like this crucifix decorated grey end table (you can pick up a gothic chest of drawers here). If you are on a budget but still want some cool furniture, a cheaper option is to check out charity shops, as antiques and old furniture works well even if it isn't official 'Gothic' merchandise. Go for grey colors and dark woods with lots of metal adornments for the best look.

An essential piece of furniture for a Gothic bedroom are metal candle stands, complete with white or black candles. If you don't want candles due to fire risks, then check out these LED lit fake candles, which look pretty realistic and make a fantastic alternative.

So that's my guide to decorating a Gothic style bedroom for teens and adults. If you like this post and want to see more, check out the rest of this blog for more bedroom decorating ideas for all ages, styles and genders. Happy decorating!

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