Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Little Pony Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Hasbro Microraschel Blanket, My Little Pony I Heart Ponies
Back when I was a kid, My Little Pony was a fringe phenomena, but since the advent of Friendship is Magic, it has come leaps and bounds. Kids and adults love both the show and the toys, and people are going crazy for it. That's why a My Little Pony themed bedroom is a fun and adorable decorating idea for fans of the pony phenomena, and this post is going to look at all the basic you need for the perfect magical My Little Pony themed bedroom. 

My Little Pony Bedding and Pillows

My Little Pony Twin Comforter
First up, you'll need a My Little Pony bedding set and matching pillows to act as the centerpiece of your new bedroom. The colorful pink and blue My Little Pony bedding above is my favorite, but I also love this cute purple Twilight Sparkle twin comforter. Once you have the bedding, you'll want some cute matching pillows for your bed and sofa. There's a number of rectangular pillows with all the characters from the show for you to check out, like this cutie here

My Little Pony Curtains

 My Little Pony Window Drapes Curtains Panels, Purple and Pink
My Little Pony Window Drapes
Curtains Panels, Purple and Pink
Once your bed is set up, you'll next need some cute curtains to match the bedding. On the left is the official My Little Pony curtains that would look amazing with the bedding I recommended above. I love the beautiful pastel color scheme and the stylish heart patterns. 

Another option is to go for some solid color window panels in colors matching the pony merchandise, such as these curtains in candy pink or sky blue. You can also find a longer version of those curtain panels here. Be sure to get a cute color that matches your pony bedding, and it'll be perfect all year round. 

My Little Pony Wall Decorations

My Little Pony Wall Stickers
Next up, don't leave your walls boring and bare when there's so many magical pony themed wall stickers and decals you can use to turn your wall into a landscape for the ponies to play on, like the set above!  the cool thing about decals is they are easy to apply and remove and they don't use glue, so they don't make any marks on your wall when you take them off. Pretty handy! Another cute pony wall decoration that I recommend everyone have in their bedroom is this My Little Pony themed wall clock - it's so pretty!

My Little Pony Bedroom Accessories

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Fluttershy Plush Doll Toy
The obvious bedroom accessory for a My Little Pony bedroom are some gorgeous My Little Pony figures! You can find them all here, be sure to collect them all! A cute companion piece to a pony figure is a cute pony plush doll like the one on the right. You can find some of the other ponies as these links: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, DJ Pon, Rainbow Dash, Princess Luna, and Octavia.

So that's my guide to the essentials of a My Little Pony themed bedroom wonderland. I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, be sure to check out the rest of this blog to discover many, many more fun-filled bedroom decorating ideas for kids, teens and adults alike. Happy decorating!

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