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Angry Birds Bedroom Decor Ideas

Angry Birds Bedroom Decor Ideas
Who doesn't love the Angry Birds game? This app sensation has taken over pop culture for kids and adults alike, and makes a great bedroom theme for all young fans of the game. I'm going to take you through all the essentials you need to set up one deadly but sweet Angry Birds themed bedroom for your child or teen. 

Angry Birds Bedding

Angry Birds Bedding Sets
There's quite a variety of Angry Birds bedding to be found, but they mostly feature very similar color schemes; blue, blue and even more blue, decorated with all our favorite Angry Birds characters.  

This doesn't limit you much color-wise though, since our angry friends come in all different kinds of colors and as long as you stick to similar shades of red, yellow, black and green like them in your decor, you can have plenty of variety in your room. Not to mention you can also occasionally find green and white bedding. You can find even more Angry Birds bedding here.

Angry Birds Walls

Angry Birds Space Group Video Game Poster
Sky blue, greens, reds and whites are you're friend here. If you are going even more niche and want an Angry Birds in Space style bedroom, navy blue paint is definitely the way to go. As for covering up the blank patches, there are plenty of posters you can pick for a good price on amazon. You can find more Angry Birds wall posters here.

Angry Birds Peel and Stick
Wall Decals
Another option for decorating the walls of your Angry Birds themed bedroom is with Angry Birds wall decals. Decals are special stickers that adhere to the wall without the need for glue or nails, and so they can be removed and reused over and over without any damage to your walls.

Angry Birds decals come in a variety of different styles, from just stickers of the characters to elaborate depictions of game levels where the birds are preparing their trajectory to bomb the pigs. It's pretty cool! You can find even more Angry Birds wall decals here

Angry Birds Plushies

Angry Birds Plush Piglet With Sound
A great decoration for an Angry Birds themed bedroom, which doubles as a fun kids toy, is Angry Birds plushies and teddies. These super soft teddies can add a great range of variety to a bedroom, especially in terms of color. Why not get one of each character? You can find more Angry Birds plushies and teddies here.

Angry Birds Window Decorations

Angry Bird Drapes

Finally, you have the windows. Angry Birds themed window curtains aren't that common, though I've found one or two on the internet before, such as the one on the left. What I definitely recommend is that if you have gone for blue walls, get a set of bright red, block color curtains panels for the windows. It will really stand out but look great at the same time. 

If you've gone for another color or navy blue, sky blue always works great. Either way, make sure its bright and bold, just like the Angry Birds themselves.
Angry Bird Window Decal Sticker
Another cute idea for decorating the windows of your Angry Birds themed bedroom is some cute Angry Birds window decals. Like wall decals, these can be used and reused without damaging your windows, and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Why keep your love of Angry Birds to yourself when you can let the whole world know?

Incidentally, these decals look great on car windows too, so you can really go to town with bringing the Angry Birds into your life!

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some cute ideas for a fun Angry Birds themed bedroom. This fun style is bold, unique and is sure to be the envy of every child's friends. Don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for lots more great bedroom decor ideas!

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