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Peace Sign Bedding Ideas

Peace Sign Bedding Ideas
The peace sign is one the most famous symbols in western culture, associated with peace, love and the hippy movement. It also makes a fantastic bedding pattern for girl's bedrooms due to the bold colors, retro style and wide variety of patterns. Here are some of my favorite types of peace sign bedding.

Collage Style Peace Sign Bedding

Patchwork Peace Sign Bedding

Collage style peace sign bedding imitates a patchwork or stripe like style in order to mix peace signs with lots of other great symbols or decorations. They instantly stand out in any bedroom and add a great layer of variety and color that you wont find with many other bedding sets. The bedding above is one of my favorites - mixing adorable animal patterns, flowers, hearts and peace signs in all different styles and colors to amazing effect. 

Tie Dye Peace Sign Bedding

Sweet Jojo Blue Tye-Dye Bedding

The one above is the simplest type of peace sign tie dye bedding, just a block color tie dye fabric with a big old peace sign in the middle. It's simple, stylish and bold, and yet the tie dye fabric really connects the symbol to its roots. The best thing about tie dye peace bedding sets, from what I've seen, is that most of them have a whole array of matching decor available to buy with them, from curtains to bedskirts to laundry hampers and lamps.

Bold and Luminous Colored Peace Sign Bedding

Fancy Collection Pink Purple Zebra Hearts Peace Sign Bedding
This bright and luminously colored peace sign bedding is not for the faint of heart! If you want to dazzle people when they walk into your bedroom, to make the boldest statement you can make, then this style of peace sign bedding is definitely right for you.

Mix and Match Patterns Peace Sign Bedding

Similar to the collage bedding, what makes this style of peace sign bedding so awesome is how is combines other patterns to provide extreme variety, color, and a completely unique look. Whatever your favorite pattern is, chances are you can find it combined with peace signs in an amazing retro bedding set. The sky is really the limit!

Block Color Peace Sign Bedding

4 Pc Modern Teens Turquoise and White, Peace, Comforter Set, Twin Size Bedding, Bed in a Bag, By Plush C Collection
If you want something a little more simple and less complicated in pattern, there is a lot of more subtle and beautiful peace sign bedding to choose from, such as the two turquoise colored sets featured above and below. If blue is not your thing, check out this cute 70s style white peace sign bedding. You are sure to find one that is perfect for your room!

Happy Decorating!

Big Spots Coffee Peace Sign Bedding

I hope you've found some cool ideas and figured out what type of peace sign bedding truly represents you and your bedroom.

Retro peace sign bedding is a great look in any girls bedroom, both children and teens, and is sure to make your room look amazing.

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