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Twilight Bedroom Decor Ideas: Bella Swan's Bedroom

Bella Swan's Bedroom: Twilight Bedroom Decor Ideas
A Bella Swan, Twilight themed bedroom is a fantastic idea for girls of all ages who love the recently concluded Twilight Saga. Its also one of the more interesting bedroom themes you can pick due to the strange, mismatching colors that seem to work regardless. That's why I'll be outlining the essentials for creating your very own Twilight or New Moon Bella Swan themed bedroom paradise. Thanks to my cousin Emma who is a huge fan of the movies and inspired and helped with this post!

Twilight Bedding: Bella's Bedding

Purple Flocked Comforter Set
You can pick up an similar comforter and bed set as the one Bella Swan has in her room above, which is super convenient! Matching curtains are also available here. As of the New Moon movie Bella has a cute red throw on her bed as well, and you can pick up similar ones here. This should give you all you need for the complete Twilight bedding experience!

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Walls

Twilight New Moon "Dream Catcher" Prop Replica
Twilight Movie Poster
I could never figure out the color of Bella's walls, which always looked to me to change from blue to green depending on the lighting. The internet seems to agree though that the exact color of her walls is a specific shade of turquoise - Benjamin Moore's Blue Spa.

You can also decorate your walls with lots of Twilight themed decals and wall posters, but if you want to stay true to the source material some cute photos from your childhood or of you and your boyfriend, a pretty dreamcatcher like the one Jacob gave Bella (here's a budget similar looking one too), and a pretty framed picture of a wolf by your door is the way to go.

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Lighting

Multi Color Dragonfly Lights
You can have a lot of fun with the lighting in your Bella Swan themed bedroom, since Bella's room has tons of fun, different kinds of lights. Above her bed she has cute dragon fly lights and a string of paper lanterns. Above her dresser she has lights quite similar to these Rattan Ball lights, while on the dresser she has a set of tea lights: I think these ones would look great!

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Window Decorations

Sheer Blue Window Drapes

If you don't want to pick up the curtains that match the bedding, you can try to imitate the curtains Bella has in her room in the movies, which seem to be a blue sheer material covering a beaded curtain similar to this one.

Bella also has a light yellow/gold window scarf on top of all the other accessories on her window. Pretty complicated isn't it! I think this one would look great with all the other drapes I've recommended, so you shouldn't have any trouble putting it all together and making it look as great as it does in the movie.

Twilight Bella Swan Themed Furniture

Amber Pine Computer Desk
Bella Swan's room is filled with wooden, pine type furniture, giving it a very country feel. This is the kind of furniture you want to fill your room with if you want the true Bella Swan Twilight themed bedroom experience.

I've included a desk in the style you want on the right, check it out! You'll also want to pick up a cute dresser too to finish off the look. Combine it with some wooden or laminate floors, and you should be good to go.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some awesome ideas for creating your very own replica of Bella Swan's bedroom from the Twilight Saga movies. If you liked this post and are looking for more ideas, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net!

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