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Army Military Camo Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Army Military Camo Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas
Lots of guys and boys of all ages are fascinated with the army and would love to have an army themed camouflage bedroom! This post is for them, and for any military-loving gals out there as well. In this post I'll go through all the essentials you'll need for a military themed camouflage bedroom. 

Army Military Camo Bedding

Boys Army Green Desert Camo
Comforter Set
First up you'll need some camouflage bedding as the centerpiece of the bedroom. I've included two of my favorite bedding sets above and on the right, and you can find even more camo and army bedding hereIf you want to go for something different there are even grey and pink army camouflage bedding sets available, just make sure you coordinate the rest of your bedroom accordingly. Another great army bedding idea is an army logo or army flag themed blanket throw.

Army Military Camo Wall Decor

Military Wall Decals - Desert CamoTank

I Want You for the U.s. Army
Recruitment by
James Montgomery Flag
Once you've chosen your bedding its time to decorate your walls. The best colors you can go for depend on your bedding scheme - if you've chosen a very dark piece of camouflage bedding you might want to for cream, grey or gunmetal blue walls so that your room doesn't look to dark. Otherwise you might be able to get away with a light green.

After that, you can fill in the blanks on your wall with some awesome military themed wall decals - tanks, planes, guns, soldiers, paratroopers, whatever you are into most! You can find even more great military wall decals here.

There are also lots of great pieces of army themed artwork available to buy on the net such as this beautiful piece on the left. Hanging up some cool military themed flags would also look great. Why not pick up an awesome camouflage themed bulletin board while you are at it?

U.S. Army Digital Camo Single
Shade Bar Lamp

Army Military Camo Lighting

There's lots of different styles of army lighting you can pick up online, from some classy camo to match your bedding to sleek black numbers with the logos of each of the army divisions on them, such as the awesome bar lamp piece on the right. It's got a good sturdy, durable look and feel to it with its metal hardware which fits the aesthetic very well and makes it a pretty cool piece overall.

You can find lots of great army themed and camouflage lamps and lampshades here to spice up your military themed bedroom. Pick the one you like best and you are ready to go!

Army Military Camo Window Decorations

Dream Factory Geo Camo 3-Piece Camouflage Kids Bedroom Curtain Panel Set, Green, 63-Inch
Green Camo Window Panels
Par the course, chances are a camouflage patterned set of window curtain panels will set you on the right track for the finishing touch on any army or camouflage themed bedroom. Gun metal blue, brown and dark green plain curtains should also work quite well so long as you pick a pair that matches your walls.

There's also an awesome military curtain styled after army camouflage netting that I've included below - its a great accessory for kids who want to feel like a real soldier. 

Happy Decorating!

Colour Personalised Army Camouflage
Name Boys Bedroom Wall Decal
I hope you've found some solid ideas for setting up a camouflage army themed bedroom in your home. The only better way to show support to the army and your troops would be by dropping them a donation and flying the flag high!

If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for more of the best themed bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net. Drop me a comment if you have any more ideas or themes you'd like me to blog about!

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