Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top Ten Owl Bedding Sets

1. The Fit Owl Home Textile Bedding Set

TheFit Home Textile, Owl Cute 4 Cotton Bedding
Hey everyone! The format of this post will be a little different than normal: instead of going through all the best types of owl bedding (there were too many!), I'm going to be showing you my top ten best owl bedding set ideas. Enjoy! First up, for all the girls who want some funky, unusual colors to light up their bedroom, there's this sweet TheFit Owls bedding set which comes with a duvet, two pillow cases and a flat sheet.

2. Cliab Home Textile Owl Bedding Bedding Owl Applique Duvet Cover

Cliab Colorful Owl Bedding
Here's an unusual owl bedding set that would work great for boys and girls: complete with adorable cartoon owls set against a colorful blue and orange background. The addition of the kitty cats is so wonderful! This set comes with everything you need for the perfect owl bed: the duvet cover, a flat sheet and two matching pillow shams.

For those of you looking for extra accessories, I've also managed to find an adorable owl-shaped plush pillow that would match this bedding set perfectly: check it out here!

3. Duvet Cover Brushed Twill, Owl Tree

If you are looking for a more mature look or a set of owl bedding that would go well with pastel colored bedroom decor, check out the gorgeous twill Owl Bird Tree bedding from Sascalia, featured on the left. This duvet cover can easily be paired with your existing sheets, be they white or any of the bold and soft colors you see on the duvet itself. 

A quick warning though: twill can be a little bit rough before the first few washes, but it more than makes up for it in quality and durability. 

4. Night Owl Children's Bedding Set

Night Owl Childrens Bedding 4 pc Set
What makes this bedding set awesome though is how much stuff comes with it and the possibilities for co-ordination. You get a cute comforter, a pillowsham, a bedskirt and an adorable window valance. Plus you can buy matching wall hangings, lampshades, laundry hampers, curtains and even a great floor rug separately. This adorable bedding set is also available in pink.

5. Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet Cover Set Owl Bedding
 Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet Cover Set Owl Bedding (Twin)
Happy Forest Pink Owl Duvet
Cover Set Owl Bedding

Yay! Pink! I for one am a huge girly girl, so I couldn't fail to include a beautiful feminine pink piece of owl bedding on this list. The one on the right is my favorite of the pink bedding sets I've seen. This bedding comes with the duvet cover, one flat sheet and matching pillow shams to boot. Note that it doesn't come with a comforter - you want to put one of your existing comforters inside the duvet.

By the way, if you are looking for accessories to go with this bedding, I think that these baby pink curtains would go with it amazingly, as would this cute set of sheer curtains. Check them out!

6. Girl Pink Green Owl Zebra Bird Full Comforter Set 

Girl Pink Green Owl Zebra 
Bird Comforter Set

This bedding sets is one teens in particular are sure to love. The combination of lime green and hot pink always looks fantastic in a teenager's bedroom, especially when it features a really incredible owl themed design.

This bedding set includes a cute comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, two pillowcases, two shams and a bedskirt. It really gives you everything you need! Pair it with some hot pink or lime green curtains for the perfect look. It also goes excellently with white furniture, as you can see from the picture. 

7. DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Color Owl Duvet Cover

DENY Designs Sophia Buddenhagen Color Owl Duvet Cover
Here's one especially for older owl fans! Featuring a more realistic owl design with some interesting and beautifully contrasting bright colors, this bedding set is really unique and sure to standout as the centrepiece of any bedroom. DENY Designs has lots of different owl themed bedding sets if you want to check them out, but this one was my favorite!

8. Pink Owl Love Comforter Set

Pink Owl Duvet Set
The advantage of pink bedding like this set is that it is very easy to match with many a girly girl's bedroom decor. I also love the pattern - the combination of owls, candy shop stripes and dainty flowers works really well together. This cutie comes with the duvet cover and the two matching pillow shams you see in the picture.

I reckon a younger owl-enthusiasts and girls who want their room to look pretty in pink would absolutely love this bedding set to bits!

9. Girls Reversible Duvet Quilt Cover Set Owl Hoot Lilac

Girls Reversible Duvet
Cover Set Owl Hoot

I can't believe with this far down the list and we've only just had our first piece of purple bedding! Well fear not, if you or your child has a purple themed bedroom, there is a owl bedding set that is just perfect for you: the Reversible Lilac Owl Hoot duvet cover set.

This set features a big and bold owl-filled design that stands out and proclaims your love of the feathery things from a mile away. It would look perfect in a girly pink, purple or white room and is easily coordinated with plenty of feminine decor, colors and accessories.

10. Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl Childrens and Kids Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl
Children's and Kids Bedding Set
by Sweet Jojo Designs
Say hello to the final entry on our list, another cute little number form Jojo Designs. This awesome bedding set is especially great for girls who love owls but don't want a set that looks too girly and pink. 

The Jojo Designs Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl bedding collection comes with a comforter, a pillowsham, a bedskirt and even a cute matching window valance.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've found some cute ideas for the perfect owl themed bedding for you bedroom. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all of the best themed bedroom decor and bedding ideas on the net!

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