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Fire Truck and Fireman Bedroom Decor Ideas

Firefighter Bedroom Decor Ideas
Does you child really want to grow up to be a fire fighter? Why not treat them to their dream bedroom - a fire truck or fire fighter themed bedroom. With lots of bold colors and bright and fun accessories, all their friends are going to be in complete envy of their cool new room!

Fire Truck Bedding Ideas

Dream Big Firefighter Ultra Soft Microfiber 2-Piece Comforter Sham Set, Gray, Twin
PEM America Firefighter Quilt
There's a number of great fire truck and firefighter themed bedding sets for you to choose from, and these are some of my favorites. Pretty much all of them are some combination of blue and red, so make sure you pick your decor to match! For toddlers, make sure you check out the absolutely awesome fire truck full bedroom set featured at the top of this post. An actual firetruck shaped bed would really make for the most special fire fighter themed bedroom imaginable!

Check out lots of fireman bedding online here.

Firefighter Wall Ideas

RoomMates Fire Brigade
Peel + Stick Wall Decal
When painting your walls, stick with creams, whites and light blues or greys. If you are feeling adventurous you can even go for yellow, which a little girl would be sure to love. You need some thing light to contrast with the bright reds your firetruck bedroom decor will bring to the room. A brickwork or wood paneling look painted over in blue or grey (like in the picture at the top of the post) would also look good, almost like a real firehouse! 

As always, there are plenty of awesome decorations for the blank patches on your walls, from firetruck and fire fighter themed wall decals to some hot fire fighter artwork and posters. Don't overdo it though!

Fire Truck Floor Ideas

Kids Rug Fire Fighting Truck Area Rug
Lots of different color carpets can work in a firetruck themed bedroom, from reds and burgundies to blues of all shades and whites. Laminate flooring is always a good bet too. To decorate your floor some more, you'll need a great firetruck themed rug, and there's quite the range to choose from.

My personal favorite is the rug above: the colors are demure and easy to match with other decor in a typical boy's bedroom, and the pattern is simple yet adorable. If you want something a little smaller though, I definitely recommend picking up a cute firetruck shaped rug here. Shop around, you are sure to find something fun!

Firefighter Furniture Ideas

Levels of Discovery Firefighter Toy Box Bench
The best decor when setting up a firetruck bedroom is definitely the furniture, hands down. Almost every piece of furniture is available in firetruck or firefighter themed form, including chairs, toy boxes, bookshelvesclothes-poles and tables and chair sets. There really is everything you could possibly need, so browse around a discover what will work best in you child's bedroom.

Fire Truck Window Decoration Ideas

Frankie's Firetruck
Fire fighter themed curtains aren't too common, but luckily I came across a great set of firetruck themed curtains I found that will go with almost every fireman themed bedding set you can imagine, especially this one

If you don't like these a cute set of plain light blue curtains to match your chose bedding would work well. For a bold look in your Firetruck bedroom, a set of bright red plain curtains will also look fantastic. Experiment and discover what will look best in you child's bedroom.

Happy Decorating!

Kidkraft Firehouse Bookcase
I hope you've found some really cute fire fighter or fire truck bedroom decor ideas for your son or daughter's bedroom. Lots of little kids want to be a firefighter when they grow up, and they are sure to adore some fire fighter and fire truck decor for their room. 

Got any ideas for a bedroom theme you'd like me to do a post on? Leave a comment below. If you liked this post, don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedding and bedroom decor ideas on the net! 

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