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Ballerina Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ballet Dancer Ballerina 4pc Set by Sweet Jojo Designs
I loved ballet (and tap dance!) when I was a kid, sadly I have two left feet so I was never any good at it. I always love seeing the passion little girls have for dance, and so I thought I'd make this how-to guide for parents looking to decorate their daughter's room in a ballerina style as a fun treat, with all my favorite ballet bedroom accessories. Let's get started!

Ballerina Themed Bedding

Cherry Blossom Ballerina Bedding
First things first - bedding! There's a number of adorable ballerina bedding available out there, so many that I made a post on my top five which you can check out here. Most ballerina style bedding sets are some variation of a dainty and delicate pink and white color scheme, maybe with a dash of lilac or pastel green, which makes it a great theme for all the girly-girls out there and adds a lot of light, brightness and visual space to a bedroom.

If you are looking for something less pink and more stark and bold though, check out the bedding on the right. Its an artistic rendition of the famous Marilyn Monroe ballerina photo, and it would look simply incredible in an older ballet fan's room.

Ballerina Themed Wall Decorations
Housewares Vinyl Decal Custom Personal Name Ballet Ballerina Home Wall Art
Ballerina Tutu Giant Wall Decals
For wall color, any light or pastel color will work wonders - any shade of white or cream, yellows, pinks and peaches, lilacs, and even a very pale green. Darker shades of purple and pink will also look lovely, but make sure not to go too dark!

Ballerina Canvas Art
When it comes to decorating your walls, there are a lot of fun wall decals that you can pick from. If you like a cutesy cartoon style, the adorable decals on the right are perfect, and for a more artsy style that can even be personalized with you or your child's name, check out the decal above. 

Traditional art work looks very good in a ballet style room, and there is an abundance of ballet themed canvas art (like the gorgeous one on the left which is part of a series) and artistic posters like this one here. Shop around for the ones you like best and go wild!

Ballerina Themed Furniture

Children`s Triple Ballerina Pedestal Table With Glass Top
Prima Ballerina Rocker
Next up, ballerina style furniture! Yay! My personal favorite is the amazing pedestal table featured above, which is so bold and beautiful. Any young dancer is sure to love it. Why not top it with a ballerina shoe vase and a bouquet of flowers?

If you want some cute ballerina style chairs, on the right is a very sweet rocker chair, and you can pick up some normal ballerina style chairs for kids here. Activity tables are a fun idea, and while I haven't been able to find any with ballerina decor, this fun white and pink table with matching chairs is sure to fit perfectly with other ballerina decor. 

Ballerina Themed Lighting
Ballet Dancer Ballerina Lamp Shade by Sweet Jojo Designs
Kurt Adler Ballet Slippers Light Set
Looking for some lighting for your ballet bedroom? The Sweet Jojo lamp shade above is a great start, and if you went for the bedding at the top of this post, its part of the matching set! Otherwise, a plain or frilly pink or white lampshade would look wonderful. Another cute idea is to hang up some fairy lights - on the right are lights shaped like ballet slippers that look seriously pretty. 

One style of lighting which always looks amazing in this sort of bedroom is a mini-chandelier light. The one I think would look best is the Pretty in Pink pull-chain lamp

Ballerina Themed Accessories

Set of 3 Ballerina Girl Figurines Sweet Poses Ballet
Last but not least, accessories galore! Ballerina figurines are a-plenty, and are a lot of fun to collect. My favorite is the set of three semi-realistic dancers above, but you can also get more kitsch designs like this little cutie here. Ballerina jewelry boxes or a slipper shoe picture frame would also look super cute on a girl's nightstand. 

Decorative Ballerina Shoe Vase
For older dancers, I recommend two accessories in particular. The first is the simply mind-blowingly cute ballerina shoe vase on the left, and the second is this very beautiful ballerina folding screen

So that's my guide to making a super sweet and pretty ballerina bedroom for the little dancer in your life. I hope you found lots of fun stuff to get you started and have a tonne of fun decorating. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages. 

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