Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Top Disney's The Little Mermaid Themed Bedding Sets for Girls

The Little Mermaid Twin Bedding Sea Dreams
So, I was shopping about in preparation for a Disney's Little Mermaid themed bedroom decor ideas post, and there were just too many adorable bedding sets for me to have to just choose one or to. That's why I've decided to devote a whole post to them! 

Disney Little Mermaid Shimmer
and Gleam Bedding
First of all, featured up above, we have the gorgeous turquoise delight that is the Sea Dream bedding set. It's got a very Hawaiian feel to it don't you think? I love the silky, shimmering texture of the bedding too, it looks incredibly unique.

Watercolor Ariel Bedding
Love the flowers and plants that the land under the sea is covered in? You might like the very pretty Princess Ariel themed bedding on the right. I love the glistening detail on Ariel's mermaid tail: the great thing about these bedding sets is just how beautiful the artwork on them is.

If you love deeper colors, then take a loot at the wonderful white bedding on the left. Ariel looks truly beautiful in this art, and it would look wonderful in any little princess' bedroom. It's got an irresistible sense of calm to it, don't you think? 

Sea Princess Ultra Soft Microfiber 2-Piece Comforter Sham Set
Disney Little Mermaid Princess
of The Waves Blanket
The next one, featured above, isn't technically official Little Mermaid merchandise, but its so beautiful and would work so well with Princess Ariel themed decor that I just had to include it! Its part of a series that turns you in various fantasy characters while you sleep - perfect for mermaid themed dreams. 

Disney's Little Mermaid Sea Dance
Comforter & Sheet Set
But back to bedding featuring our leading lady. I really like the background pattern on the Shimmer and Gleam bedding featured on the right, and as usual the artwork of Ariel is absolutely stunning. Flounder and Sebastian look adorable too! Any little princess is sure to adore this look.

If you do buy the Shimmer and Gleam bedding set, I recommend also picking up the very cute Princess of the Waves blanket on the left. It matches perfectly with the Shimmer and Gleam sheets and lets you mix the colors up a bit.

Most Princess Ariel bedding is blue, but if blue isn't your style, don't worry. Check out the Little Mermaid Sea Dance bedding collection on the right, which is an amazing cute mix of pink and lilac for all the lilac-loving girly-girls out there. I love the flower and starfish detail on the sheets; its so cute!

Ombre Little Mermaid Bedding
On the left is a pretty unique look that I found - a more pop art style of bedding. Its made of super soft velvet so its really comfortable to sleep in. There you go! My top favorite Disney's The Little Mermaid themed bedding collections for girls. I hope you found one that is just perfect for you or your little princess, and have a great time with it. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots more fun bedding sets and bedroom themed for kids and adults.

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