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How to Decorate a Disney's Frozen Themed Bedroom

Disney Frozen Celebrate Love Comforter
Frozen is officially my favorite Disney movie of all time, a heartwarming tale of sisterly love that manages to play and subvert the classic Disney fairytale tropes for amazing effect. I wish I wasn't too old to make myself a Princess Anna or Queen Elsa themed bedroom, but that doesn't mean I won't help out all the Frozen fans out there who want to make their own for themselves or their kids. Let's get started!

Frozen Themed Bedding

Disney Frozen Nordic Florals Comforter Set with Fitted Sheet, Twin, Pink
Disney Comforter Floral Breeze
First of all, you will need some Frozen themed bedding to act as the centerpiece for your icy wonderland. After all, every princess needs somewhere warm to hide on those long winter nights. My person favorite is the lilac comforter featured at the top of this post, which you can get the matching sheets for here.

If you want a more bold and neon look, think about pairing this sheet and pillowcase set with the cute Frozen comforter such as this blanket which features a more cartoonish art style that younger girls are sure to love.

Frozen Pillows and Cushions
Disney Frozen Olaf Cuddle Pillow
I've always loved having a tonne of pillows on my bed, even if most of them somehow end up on the floor over the course of any given night. If you're the same and are looking for a tonne of pillowcases featuring the cast of Frozen, here's a huge selection just for you. Pick up all of your favorites fast, because a lot of them are only printed for a limited time!

There's already some really cute and fun Frozen themed decorative cushions available on the net too. Check out the one on the left - huggable Olaf pillow! He love warm hugs, but not too warm or he'll melt. I also really those this gorgeous silky ruffled heart pillow featuring Anna and Elsa together.

Frozen Themed Wall Decor

Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Lots of different colors work for a Frozen themed bedroom wall. Any color associated with winter will work, such as any shade of blue, silver, grey or white, but a very light pink or green can also work. There's tonnes of fun wall art you pick up to decorate your walls too, like the adorable decals featured above. You can even get life sized giant decals of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, and don't forget Olaf! If decals aren't your thing, why not pick up a Frozen movie poster or canvas art.

Frozen Themed Bedroom Accessories

Disney Traditions Elsa and Anna: Sisters Forever

There's only a few Frozen themed bedroom accessories out there, but they make up for their lack of numbers in how pretty they are. The figurine above is really something special, for example. A fun idea that I would suggest if you want your bedroom to look like Elsa's frozen crystal palace is to hang up some pretty blue snowflake fairy lights like these around the room or on the window sill. Oh, and a plush Olaf teddy never goes amiss. 

Happy Decorating!

Cardboard Standup Cutout Elsa
and Anna Disney's Frozen

Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaan? Yes? Well don't build one in your new room, it'll melt and make a great big puddle on the floor! I hope you had fun with this post and found everything you need to make your own ice palace dedicated to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. 

If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for all the best bedroom theme ideas and accessory guides for boys, girls, teenagers and adults. In particular, you might also want to check out my post on how to make a Brave themed bedroom, or one based on Tangled.

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