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How to Decorate a Disney's Princess Cinderella Themed Bedroom

Cinderella Art Bedding
I absolutely adore the Disney Princesses - they were a big part of my childhood when I was growing up, and they remain stunning masterpieces of art and animation to this day. Its no surprise that little girls still love Cinderella - she's beautiful, hardworking, and has one of the most stunning ballgowns of all the Disney leading ladies. This post is for every little girl who wants to turn her bedroom into a palace fit for Princess Cinderella. Lets get started!

Cinderella Bedding

Cinderella Pink Sheet Set
The bed is the centerpiece of any room, so the first thing you'll need is some colorful Cinderella themed bedding. There a few different styles available, from the deep blue comforter featured above, to a more purple and lilac blended look on the right. The sheets on the right are also a good bet!

For those of you decorating a toddler's bedroom, I recommend this fun sized Cinderella bed set, which comes with everything you need: a mini-comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, and a dinky little pillowcase. 

If you are on a budget, an easy and cheap way to get the Cinderella style is to buy a beautiful disney blanket like this one and match it with your existing pink, blue or purple sheets. 

Cinderella Pillows and Cushions

Disney Cinderella Pillow
I'm a big believer that ever bed needs a giant pile of pillows and cushions to jump into, no matter how old you are. If you like a bed with lots of pillows, be sure to check out these cute alternative design pillow cases to add to your sheet set!

There are also lots of fun themed cushions you can add to the mix. The one on the left is really gorgeous and unique, a huggable plush pillow shaped like the Princess herself. Another pretty option for girly-girls who love the color pink is this plush pink heart cushion with Princess and crown decoration. This adorable crown shaped pillow would look very beautiful along side it, I think.

Cinderella Wall Decorations

Disney Princess Cinderella Glamour Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decal
With the bed looking wonderful, lets turn to the walls. The obvious choices for wall colors are light pinks, purples and baby blues, since those are Cinderella's theme colors. Match it with a light colored carpet. Pairing the colors works well - for example you could have a baby blue carpet and lilac walls.

Disney Princess Glitter Castle
Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal
There are also plenty of beautiful wall decorations out there, so don't leave your walls lonely and bare! My personal favorite is the one on the right, a spectacular Princess castle. I think it would look great above a bed or chest of drawers. Decal quotes from the movie are just perfect. 

Cinderella canvas art is also popular, such as this amazing piece. A cheaper but equally fun option is to get some Cinderella posters, like this one.

Finally, every Princess needs to know what time it is so she can make sure she isn't late to the ball - don't forget to pick up a Cinderella wall clock.

Cinderella Bedroom Furniture
Trend Lab Tiara Shelf with Peg Hooks
If money is no object and you want to go out, I highly recommend looking at the Cinderella Collection of furniture with features absolutely beautiful Princess style chest of drawers, bed frames, bedside tables and so on. Otherwise, there lots of other fun options. For example, if you have the space and your daughter loves doodling or reading books, then you might consider getting a Cinderella themed activity table for her. Own a cube shelf and want some fun matching storage space? These baby blue fabric drawers will go great.

Cinderella Bedroom Accessories

Disney Cinderella Square
Pop-Up Hamper
Disney Princess Figure Lamp
Cinderella EVA Crystal Light
Finally, its time to add the finishing touches to your Disney Princess paradise with some Cinderella themed accessories. There is an insane amount of things to choose from, from figurines, to alarm clocks, to jewellery boxes and pumpkin carriage shaped picture frames. They even made a Cinderella themed wastebasket. Pretty cool!

Since this post would be a novel if I featured them all, I'm just going to mention my favorites. Firsts, there's the sparkling wonder that is the Cinderella EVA crystal lamp, featured on the right. I would have gone nuts if I'd gotten it as a present when I was little! Second, for the girl who has too much jewelry and nowhere to put it, they've made a pumpkin carriage shaped wire jewelry holder just for her.

Happy Decorating!

Cinderella Themed Drapes
So there you go, my guide to creating a fantasy wonderland bedroom that Cinderella herself would be ecstatic to dream in. I hope you find everything you need, create something truly magical and memorable and that the little princess in your life loves it.

If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for plenty more fun bedroom theme ideas and bedding collections to keep you busy for years to come. Why not take a look at my post on decorating your child's room in a Snow White theme? Or how about Princess Tiana, the Little Mermaid, or Sleeping Beauty?

Happy decorating!

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