Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to Decorate a Disney Pixar's Princess Merida Themed Bedroom (Brave)

Disney's Brave Merida's Forest Twin Comforter
With her wild hair and independent streak, Brave's Merida is one of the more unique and cool of the Disney Princess line up, and a great role model for the modern kid. If you have a child who loves Brave to bits, why not treat them to a Merida themed bedroom for their birthday? This post is going to dip into all my personal favorite bits and pieces for pulling off the Brave look.

Princess Merida Themed Bedding

Disney Brave's Princes Merida's Microraschel Blanket
Disney Pixar Brave Merida
Decorative Pillow
First of all, no themed bedroom decorating project can start without a Brave themed bedding set to be what pulls the room together. There's a few beautiful collections you can find out there, such as the bold and colorful blue number featured at the top of this post.

If you are on a budget, a cool idea is to pick up just a Brave themed blanket like this one or this cute one, or the pretty lilac and blue number above, and match it with your existing blue, pink or lilac sheets.

Finish off your bed with the adorable Merida shaped Brave huggable decorative pillow cushion, and you are ready to aim for adventure!

Brave Princess Merida Wall Decorations
Brave - Disney / Pixar Movie Poster / Print
Disney Brave Merida Peel
And Stick Giant Wall Decal
Once you've got your bed ready, its time to spruce up your walls. Loads of colors of paint go well with a brave theme, from greens, to blues, purples and light pinks - hell, even a bold orange to match Merida's hair would look pretty cool. You can really go wild with it, so get a few samples and experiment. 

There is also plenty of Brave wall art out there, so there is no excuse for having bare walls! My personal favorite is the massive Merida wall decal on the right. There are also many limited edition Brave canvas art pieces available out there. My favorite is the one above: its a really cool shot. Movie posters are a fun and pretty budget alternative too.

Brave Princess Merida Bedroom Accessories 

Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Soft Plush Doll Merida
Jim Shore Disney Traditions
Princess Merida from BRAVE
Finally, Merida bedroom accessories are a little hard to come by, but I've found a few awesome ones. The plush doll above, for example, is very cute, and you can also get an Angus plushie to go with it. The figurine on the right is also absolutely beautiful, and I highly recommend it. For younger kids you can also pick up a Brave nightlight

So there you have it, my favorite bits and bobs for putting together a Brave themed bedroom for your child to romp around. If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for plenty more bedroom themes. 

If your little girl loves Brave, she will almost definitely also love the movie Frozen (which is my favorite Disney movie of all time!) so be sure to check that out too! You might also want to take a look at my post on making a Tangled themed bedroom

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