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How to Decorate a Disney's Princess Aurora Themed Bedroom (Sleeping Beauty)

Disney Princesses Your Royal Grace Comforter
Sleeping Beauty is one of the beautiful, classic Disney Princesses that really defined my childhood, and its leading lady Princess Aurora remains popular with young girls even today. If you have a little princess who loves Sleeping Beauty, why not decorate her bedroom with lots of themed goodies? Here's some of my personal favorites.

Sleeping Beauty Themed Bedding
DIAIDI Home Textile,Pink Lace Ruffle Bedding Set
Disney Princess Aurora Cuddle
Pillow - Sleeping Beauty
Its very hard to find bedding featuring Aurora on her own, as opposed to hanging out with her fellow classic animation princesses, but those can look equally beautiful in a Sleeping Beauty bedroom.

If that's not your style, some beautiful lacy pink and white bedding like the one above would make a perfect base to add some official Disney Aurora accessories to cement the theme. For example, check out the adorable Sleeping Beauty cuddle pillow on the left. So cute! 

Triple Lace Ruffle Princess Pink Canopy
There's other Sleeping Beauty decorative cushions and pillowcases for you to cuddle up to in your royal bedchamber out there too. Check out this beautiful pillowcase for example.  Its so pretty!

Finally, the perfect finishing touch to a princess themed bed is a gorgeous canopy. Sid Trading make some really special canopies that would look really amazing in a Princess Aurora themed bedroom, such as the one on the right (which would look really good with the lacy bedding above!), or this deeper pink number with sequins.

Sleeping Beauty Themed Wall Decorations

Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess
Mega Decal Pack
The obvious choice for wall colors for a Sleeping Beauty themed bedroom is light pink, but lilacs and purples, baby blue and a very light yellow can also work very well, especially if you are having a bit of pink overload. Get a few samples and go for whatever makes the bedroom look bright and airy. 

No royal palace should have bare walls, so be sure to add some beautiful wall accessories to light up the room. There's lots of fun wall art you can use to give the room some color, such as the giant Sleeping Beauty wall decal on the left, Thomas Kinkade canvas art and a cute and very colorful movie poster that you can even get with a black frame.

Sleeping Beauty Themed Furniture and Accessories
Trend Lab Tiara Shelf with Peg Hooks
Finally, top off your bedroom with some Sleeping Beauty style furniture and accessories. The Princess tiara shelf above is a cute choice, and if you don't mind giving some of the other princesses some screen time, there's also a Disney Princess storage box. If you are looking for some cute lighting to finish your room off, check out this lamp here which features a crystal sculpture of Princess Aurora in her pink ball gown. Finally, be sure to get some matching curtains - these sheer pink ones would look lovely.

Disney Princess Collapsible Storage Trunk
There you go, some fun ideas for decorating a Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora themed bedroom. If you liked this post and want to see more, check out the rest of my blog for more cute themed bedroom ideas for girls and boys of all ages. In particular, you might be interested in my Cinderella, Princess Tiana, the Little Mermaid and Snow White posts.

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