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How to Decorate a Disney's Princess Snow White Themed Bedroom

XM Home Fashion-100% Cotton,Catoon Collection,Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Kids Bedding
Snow White was Disney's first animated feature film, and its beauty and brilliance keeps it an iconic party of any child's memory to this day. Making a Snow White themed bedroom is difficult, as she tends to only appear in official merchandise along side her fellow princesses, but it isn't impossible! This post will be looking at my recommendations for pulling it off. Enjoy!

Snow White Themed Bedding and Pillows

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Bedding
Pem America Golden Trail Quilt Set
Princess Snow White bedding is reasonably rare, though there are a few gorgeous pieces out there, such as the Seven Dwarves bedding sets above. They go out of stock pretty quick, so if you like them be sure to get them while you can!

Creative Apple Shaped Plush Throw
I can also recommend going for bedding that evokes the themed and the color scheme of the movie: lots of bright reds, light yellows and blues, as well as animals and flowers. The cute Golden Rail quilt set on the right is an example of what I mean. You might also pick up a light blue or scarlet sheet set, a solid color yellow quilt set or a red quilt set

Another cute accessory to bring the Snow White theme to your bedding is apple shaped pillows like the one on the left. Its not poison, I promise! You can even coordinate your window dressing to match your bed, such as these cute red drapes or these gorgeous translucent curtains in either baby blue or light yellow. 

Snow White Wall Decorations
SandyLion Canvas: Disney Princess-Snow White
Lots of colors will work with a snow white theme. Almost every pastel color would look great on your walls, especially yellow, pink and blue. If you want to go super bold, bright red also looks very cute. My personal favorite look would be a very light yellow.

Giant Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Peel and Stick Wall Decals stickers Kids Wall Art
Snow White Peel & Stick Giant
Wall Decal With Gems
Since there isn't a lot of merchandise featuring Snow White on her own, wall decorations are very important to pulling the theme off. There are plenty of Snow White themed wall decals, including giant sized character pieces and collections that feature the princess and all her dwarf friends.

If decals aren't your style, canvas art is also available, such as the very cute number up above and this absolutely stunning Thomas Kinkade piece. Snow White posters are another great budget option for adding some royal flavor to your walls. If you really want to go all out, check out this 10 foot long mural featuring the leading lady and the seven dwarfs!

Snow White Bedroom Accessories

Naomi - [Red Apple] Kids Room Rugs
Jim Shore Disney Traditions Snow
White with a Blue Bird
Finally, add the finishing touches with some cute accessories, like a gorgeous Snow White figurine or a red apple rug. It still isn't poisoned, honest! A vanity table or a mirror, mirror on the wall are an absolute must. Why not pair it with a cute Snow White Trinket box or snow globe? Disney globes and figurines are a lot of fun to collect.

So there you have it, my guide to creating a perfect Princess Snow White bedroom. I hope you found some beautiful ideas and everything you need to make your bedroom the fairest in all the land! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for lots more fun bedroom theme ideas. Why not take a look at my post on decorating a Cinderella themed room, a Sleeping Beauty palace, the Little Mermaid's underwater paradise, or a Princess and the Frog splash?

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