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Paris Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a feminine and stylish theme to decorate your bedroom with? Why not treat yourself to an amazingly French Paris themed bedroom delight? This post is going to be looking at all of my personal favorite Paris themed bedroom decor, so read on and have fun.

Paris Themed Bedding

100% Turkish Cotton 3pcs Paris Eiffel Tower Theme Duvet Quilt Cover Set Bedding
First of all, every bedroom needs some bold and stand-out bedding to be the centerpiece of the look. There are literally dozens of Paris themed bedding sets out there in many different styles and designs. There are so many that I actually devoted a whole post to Paris bedding sets, which you can check out right here. I'll just featured a few here.

A colorful and minimalist option for tweens and teens is the blue and pink Eiffel tower reversible bedding collection featured above at the top of this page. Each set of this bedding comes with an enormous amount of stuff, making it a veritable bedroom in a bag. You get a reversible comforter which you can flip over for some variety, two toss pillows, two pillow shams, a flat and fitted sheet set with two matching pillowcases, and even a pair of window panels and curtains tiebacks. That's pretty amazing if you ask me, and wonderful value.

If you want a more retro but still bold and colorful look, take a peek at the vintage Paris in Autumn bedding featured on the right, which comes with a duvet cover, a sheet and a matching pillow case.

Paris Themed Wall Decor

Picture Sensations Framed Huge 3-Panel Modern France Paris Eiffel Tower Giclee Canvas Art
When you are painting the walls of a Paris themed bedroom, you need to decide whether you are going for a retro vintage style or a modern and minimalist style. If you are going for the more modern style, blacks, whites, grays and silvers are the way to go, while for the retro style of Paris bedroom, beiges, creams and browns work well.

Eiffel Tower Peel and
Stick Giant Wall Decal
Don't leave those walls bare after you have painted them! There are a lot of Paris themed wall art pieces out there that you can use to decorate your freshly painted walls, such as the gorgeous black and white Eiffel Tower canvas art featured above.

Eiffel Tower and Paris themed wall decals are also a great idea, as they are really pretty, easy to apply and easy to remove. Check out the intricate Eiffel Tower and quote decal set featured on the left which would look lovely in any girl's bedroom.

There are also a number of art prints and posters that would make fashionable decorations. If you are going for a retro and vintage style of Paris themed bedroom, I highly recommend checking out this cute set of four retro style art prints of Parisian landmarks.

Paris Themed Lighting

Eiffel Tower Paris Lamp
Frame and Shade
You can find a number of Paris style lighting to add a beautiful glow to your Paris themed bedroom. I would highly recommend the amazing lamp on the right, which includes both the Eiffel Tower shaped lamp frame and the pretty vintage style shade. It looks so fashionable! You can get a similar style of Eiffel Tower shaped lamp here too, so be sure to check it out and pick your favorite.

Another fun way of adding some French style to your lighting is to treat yourself to a set of Paris themed light switch plate covers such as this feminine black and pink plate cover.

Paris Themed Bedroom Furniture

Aspire Paris Traveller Chests
Yep, they even make Paris themed furniture that you can adorn your new bedroom with! To start you off, if you need somewhere to store your bits and bobs inside, why not pick up the very cute Eiffel Tower storage boxes featured above for your room?

Sanctuary Paris Accent Chair
Here are some more of my favorites. For both a minimalist and retro style of room, the accent chair featured on the left would look simply wonderful. You can get a matching bench here.

If you've gone for the more vintage style of Paris themed bedroom, I recommend that you pick up some retro style postcard style storage trunks and a set of Paris ottomans in a similar style.

If you are decorating a feminine and girly style of Paris bedroom, then you just have to take a look at this cute pink Parisian style storage bench, which is sure to look lovely at the foot of your bed.

Paris Themed Bedroom Accessories

Black Damask Paper Lanterns Accessory
Finally, finish off your bedroom with some adorable Paris themed bedroom accessories. The cute damask paper lanterns above are a wonderful budget option, and make cool lampshades too. Alternatively, why not pick up a Paris themed figurine like the bronze Eiffel Tower on the right. 

Bronze Paris Eiffel Tower Figurine
Here's another sweet piece of bedroom decor: if you need a place to hang up your dressing gown or coats, why not purchase a few Eiffel Tower themed wall hooks?

A very French piece of bedroom decor is a fashionable room divider to get dressed behind, and there are a few Paris themed dividers for you to choose from. My personal favorite is this stunning black and white Eiffel Tower room screen.

Wall Clock - "Paris/Eiffel Tower"
Vintage Images - by DCI
Last but not least, never be late for the party with a cute ribbon Eiffel Tower themed wall clock like the one featured on the left!

So that was my guide to decorating your very own Paris themed bedroom. I hope you found some great accessories for your room and have a ton of fun decorating and hanging about in it. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to browse the rest of my blog to discover even more fun bedroom and bedding themes for boys and girls of all ages.

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