Monday, 23 June 2014

Top Seven Fantasy Fairy Themed Bedding Sets

Veratex Bedding Collection Fairy Light Glow in The Dark Comforter Set
If you are looking to create a fairy themed bedroom, or you just want to have a little bit of extra magic as you drift off into dream land, a fairy bedding set is a wonderful way to start. This post is going to be looking at my personal favorite fairy themed bedding, and I hope you like them!

Fairy Princess Bedding
First of all, for those of your shopping for a lilac color scheme, check out the beautiful fairy and flower patterned bedding featured above. The crazy cool thing about this bedding is that it glows in the dark! It also comes with a tonne of stuff: a comforter, a bedskirt, and a set of matching shams.

Pinkalicious Fairy PrincessPink Bedding Set
If it is a darker purple color scheme you need, the bedding on the right might be perfect for you. Its great for any season too: the bold colors mean it adds a lot of warmth to a winter bedroom while the floral pattern matches all your summer and spring decor. Pretty neat! Each of these bedding sets comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillow sham. 

Moving away from purple now, are you shopping for a girl who can't get enough of that pink goodness? I'm sure she will love the funky, kitsch fairy bedding featured on the right then! You get a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, two pillow cases and two pillow shams.

Fairy Princess Garden Quilt and 2 Shams by Pem America
Looking for something simple, light and airy to give your bedroom a summery or spring feeling? I recommend picking up the delicate Fairy Princess Garden bedding set by Pem America (who make lots of other fantastic children's bedding by the way) to be the centerpiece for your fairy bedroom. 

Hot Pink Fairy Princess Bedding
Korean style bedding is AMAZING, so I had to include a set here. For those of you not familiar with Korean style bedding, it is basically the kind of bedding you would expect to see in a fairytale palace, with feminine colors, tonnes of lace, enough frills to get lost in and lots of pretty adornments, bows and ribbons. 

The bedding on the right is a slightly more demure version but still has that feminine glory, with a bold pink color scheme and a very pretty fairy themed design.  

Each set comes with everything you need too, a duvet cover, a flat and fitted sheet set to go underneath, and a pillow case to rest your head upon and have sweet faery dreams.
Sixth, we have have the incredible angelic spirit guide fairy art bedding collection featured above. This bedding is fantastic for girls who want a mature but still mystical and feminine feel to their bedding. Each of these pixie delights comes with a duvet cover and two pillow cases.

NAIAD Duvet & Pillows Case Covers Set for Double Bed Artwork by Anne Stokes
Last but not least, if you liked a semi-realistic but still fantastical style of art, check out the simply amazing purple fairy duvet featured above. Isn't is gorgeous? Those are my top seven favorite pieces of fairy and fae themed bedding! I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is perfect for you. If you enjoyed this post and want to check out more, be sure to browse the rest of my blog for even more amazing bedroom and bedding themes for boys and girls of all ages and tastes.

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