Thursday, 26 June 2014

Top Outer Space Bedding that's Out of This World!

Rocket Star Galaxy Space Bedding Queen Comforter Set
Boys and girls all around the world love looking up at the stars and dreaming that they are out there, and now you can bring that magic right into their bedroom with some gorgeous outer space and galaxy themed bedding! This post is going to be looking at all of my favorites, so read on!

Snurk Astronaut Duvet Cover, Twin
First up is my personal favorite, featured above, a dark and bold outer space bedding set that actually glows in the dark. How awesome it that! Not only that, but the comforter is reversible so you can always flip it around if you feel like having a bit of variety. It comes with a comforter, a bedskirt, and two pillow shams.

Boys Space Rocket Bedding
Second off all, the bedding on the right is the perfect way to ensure your child has dreams of being an astronaut! This seriously cool bedding puts him or her right in the suit and ready to take off, and it looks amazing. You get the awesome duvet cover and a pillow sham with every set.

For some lighter bedding that would look lovely in the spring or the summer, the boys space bedding on the left is perfect. It comes with a duvet cover and matching pillow case.

Boys Outer Space Satellites Blue Bed in a Bag
If you are shopping for decor to match a navy blue bedroom, then why not treat your child to the colorful Outer Space Satellites themed bedding featured above? Each pack of this bedding set comes with an insane amount of stuff for your bed too, such as a comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, a bedskirt, one standard sized pillowcase, and a matching pillow sham.

Galaxy Quilt Cover Galaxy Bedding
Galaxy Star Bedding

If you want some truly breath-taking art for your space themed bedding, check out the two sets above, which are just two of a huge range of planetary and nebula themed bedding. They are all unbelievably gorgeous and would look lovely in you bedroom! Each set of both bedding sets comes with a duvet cover, a sheet and two pillow cases.

Space Rocket Ultra Soft Microfiber Twin Comforter Bedding Set
Mysterious Boundless Galaxy Bedding
Space bedding isn't all varying shades of blue: if you want something a little different to match a room with a very light color scheme, check out the Space Rocket grey bedding set above. You get a tonne of stuff with it too: a comforter, one pillow sham, a flat and fitted sheet set and one pillowcase.

So those are my favorite stars and planet themed bedding for boys and girls. I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is perfect for your child's bedroom. If you liked this post, be sure to browse the rest of my blog for even more fun themed bedding and bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages! In particular, you might like my guide to decorating an Outer Space themed bedroom.

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