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Fairy Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Veratex Bedding Collection Fairy Light Glow in The Dark Comforter Set
Are you looking to create a beautiful, magical fairy themed bedroom for yourself or a girl in your life? Well you have come to the right place! This post is going to be looking at all of my favorite fantasy accessories for creating the perfect fairy boudoir for any girl's room. Read on!

Fairy Themed Bedding

First things first, every themed bedroom starts with the bedding any this one is no different! There are some fantastic pieces of fairy bedding out there, so many that I've made a whole post featuring all of my favorites, since I couldn't fit them all here. Be sure to check them out!
I've featured just a couple bedding sets on this page, highlighting some of the styles. You can get a more realistic fantasy style like the blue fairy bedding on the right, a frilly, feminine and bold style with a touch of fairy decoration like the gorgeous Korean style bedding above, as well as more cartoon styles such as the amazing glow in the dark bedding featured at the top of the page.

HearthSong Sparkle Fairy
Wings Lounge Pillow
If you are on a budget, a good way to create a faery themed bed is to pair your existing sheets with a gorgeous fairy blanket, such as this deep purple Night Fairy fleece blanket.

Another budget way to decorate your bed is to pair your existing plain sheets with some awesome decorative fairy pillows. There are loads available in many different styles. Here's one in a cool gothic cartoon style, and here's another in a floral pop-art style. Here's a lovely one in a stunning digital art style that you might like too. 

Fairy Themed Wall Decor

Autumn Fairy Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry
If you are looking for a fun color to paint the walls of your fairy themed wonderland, go wild! Feminine colors like pinks and purples go well with a lot of the bedding, but fairy decor comes in so many different colors that you can really go wild with your choices. Why not choose a garden green or an autumn orange?

6 Fairy Silhouette Wall Sticker Decal
Once the walls are painted, there are lots of bits and pieces you can use to decorate all of those bare patches and give them some flair. There are plenty of fairy wall decals out there in many different colors and styles, such as the pink and purple pixies on the right or this silhouette fairy decal which can be personalized with your name.

You can also get some beautiful non-sticker wall art. Why not check out this range of beautiful fantasy art wall scrolls, or buy some pretty and colorful fairy themed canvas art to hang up on your walls?

Fair Themed Lighting

If you are hoping that your new room with have that soft fairy glow, then you might want to invest in some cute fairy themed lighting. I adore the orchid fairy figurine lamp on the left - it would look amazing on a desk or a nightstand! 

You can also pick up a cute fairy candle holder if you are into tea lights and scented oil. This stained glass style fairy votive candle holder is also astoundingly beautiful. 

Lastly, you can also find fae and pixie themed figurines and ornaments with light up elements, which won't be bright enough to light the room but will look truly magical. Here's a sweet one of a fairy riding a dragon!

Fairy Themed Bedroom Accessories 

Last but not least, finish off the look with some cute fairy themed bedroom decor accessories! To start you off, there are a lot of fae figurines and ornaments out there that make wonderful decorations. I particularly like the unicorn and fairy figurine featured above, and you can also get some more kitsch child fairy ornaments.

Celtic Fairy Incense Burner
If you are looking for some magical bedroom furniture to use, you might like to buy a Fairy Land bean bag - its comfy, pretty and covered in fairies! You can also pick up a Celtic fairy trinket box to store all your bits and bobs inside.

So that is my guide to decorating a fairy themed wonderland bedroom! I hope you found some cool bits and pieces and have a lot of fun decorating. If you liked this post, why not check out the rest of my blog? There you will find loads more bedding and bedroom themed for boys an girls of all ages and styles!

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