Thursday, 26 June 2014

Top Ten Minnie Mouse Themed Bedding Ideas

Minnie Amor 8 Piece Disney Comforter Set
Minnie Mouse Remix Sheet Set
If you are shopping for some cute bedroom decor for a girl who loves Disney, why not consider getting her some colorful Minnie Mouse themed bedding for her room? There's loads of it out there, and this post is going to be looking a few of my personal favorites. Read on and enjoy!

Disney Minnie Mouse
Comforter Set
First of all, if you love stripes and polka dots as well as Minnie Mouse or are looking for bedding which will match a pink, red or blue themed bedroom, be sure to check out the very cool Minnie Amor comforter set above. It comes with a whopping eight pieces: a comforter, two decorative square cushions, a bedskirt, a flat and fitted sheet set and two pillow cases to match. You can get it in either full or twin sized.

If you are a fan of heart patterns, then the cute butterfly themed Minnie Mouse themed bedding on the right is something you might want to consider. Meanwhile, if you are shopping for someone who needs their bedroom to look pretty in pink, then take a look at the bubbly hot pink sheet set featured on the left. You can get the matching sheets for it here, and also some cute matching curtains here!

Disney, Mickey & Minnie, Adore, Bedding Set, Double (Queen)
Minnie doesn't always hang out on her own - often you can find her playing games with Mickey Mouse! The bedding above is one such example, with an absolutely gorgeous design, amazing art and a cute his and hers theme. Each of these bedding collections comes with the duvet cover, a bed sheet and two matching pillow cases to finish off the look.

Disney Mickey and Minnie
Vintage  Comforter Set
Blue is definitely not just for the boys you know! If you are getting bedding for a bedroom with mainly blue decor as its color scheme, you might want to have the bedding on the right as the centerpiece of it all. This adorable vintage style set is another example of Mickey and Minnie joining forces, and comes with a comforter and a matching pillow sham. You can get a sheet set for it here, which includes a flat and fitted sheet set and a pillow case.

Black & White Polka Dot
Minnie Mouse Bedding
But back to looking pretty in pink! Every girl needs a bit of polka-dot love in her life, and Minnie certainly understands that! That is why Disney made the gorgeous pink, black and white polka dot beauty which is the Minnie Mouse 'Dots are the New Black' comforter featured on the left, a great combination of patterns, Disney iconography and bold colors. And Minnie herself of course! I think it would look absolutely lovely in a room with a primarily pink color scheme or a pastel color base of any color. This bedding comes with everything you need: the comforter, a flat and fitted sheet set, and super cute matching pillow shams.

Minnie Mouse Comforter Set

Next up we have two similar styles of bedding, but still very different. Each uses the combination of Minnie with other patterns such as funky polka dot, bold colors and a popping Minnie Mouse pattern to amazing effect, and would make the perfect birthday or Christmas treat for any girl's bedroom. You can get the sheets for the one on the right here.

Mickey & Minnie Perfect Match Bedding
If you are looking for something more mature, classic and with a minimalist feeling, then why not consider the very simple but beautiful bedding above? The art is done in a very vintage style which makes it a great choice for older girls. Each set of this bedding comes with a duvet cover, a bed sheet and two matching pillowcases.

Red Daisy Duck & Minnie Mouse Bedding
Last but not least, for a girl who likes to go in bold and show off her true colors, the sassy and colorful red Minnie Mouse bedding above would be just perfect, don't you think? It comes with the duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow case. 

So there you have it, my personal top ten Disney's Minnie Mouse themed bedding ideas for your daughter's bedroom. I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is simply perfect! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to browse the rest of my blog to discover even more awesome bedding and themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages!

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