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Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

FADFAY Home Textile, Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. That's why a bedroom styled after the beautiful and iconic Marilyn Monroe makes the perfect treat for a girl of any age. This post is going to be looking at some of my favorite Marilyn Monroe bedroom accessories, so read on and pick out some cute pieces that are right for you!

Marilyn Monroe Bedding

DIAIDI Home Textile, Unique 3D Marilyn Monroe Bedding Set
Every boudoir needs a gorgeous bed for the celebrity to lounge about on, and there are loads of options when it comes to Marilyn Monroe bedding. My personal favorite it the beautiful snow white bedding featured above, which comes with a duvet cover, a flat sheet and two pillow cases to finish off the look.

Marilyn Monroe "Smile Now"
Queen Size Blanket
If you love stark, bold contrasting colors with flowers, then you might like this Marilyn and Roses themed bedding, which also comes with the duvet, sheet and pillowcases. If that bedding doesn't have enough roses for you, this amazing red bedding certainly will.

Another option, if you are on a budget, is to pick up a Marilyn Monroe themed blanket like the one on the right and pair it with your existing bedding. There are lots of cute blankets out there that would look amazing, such as this leopard skin border blanket, and this bold red dress signature throw.

Monroe Movie Star Cushion
Alternatively, the other option for girls working on a budget is to pair your existing black or white or silver sheets and duvets with some stylish Marilyn Monroe decorated pillow cases and decorative cushions. My personal favorite is the movie star cushion cover on the right -it'd look pretty amazing with the bedding featured above too! I also very much love this colorful vintage style decorative cushion cover, and this painting style cushion from DiaNoche Designs.

If you are looking for some stylish Monroe pillow cases, here are some beautiful black ones that are easy to match with your existing bedding.

Marilyn Monroe Wall Decor

Marilyn Monroe Smile Quote Bedroom Wall Decal
Going all the way and doing a spot of painting? The best colors for a Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom are the bold and the stark. White, silvers and grays look amazing, but deep reds, auburns and even dark pinks can be made to work quite well. Get some samples and go wild!

Eye Marilyn Monroe
Ballerina Poster
Once you have finished painting, don't leave your walls boring and bare! There are an insane amount of Marilyn Monroe themed decals out there, the most prominent being the Quote Decals. Marilyn was a very quotable lady, and you can get some of your favorite pearls of wisdom decorating your wall with these decals! Check them out here.

If you want some variety, there are other types of decal too. I like this Marilyn signature decal, and this simple face decal. You can also pick up a number of very pretty posters to decorate your walls, such as the one on the right. There are also a range of Monroe canvas art pieces you can choose from - check out a range of them here.

Marilyn Monroe Lighting

Marilyn Monroe Brass
Touch Lamp
Hoping that Marilyn Monroe will light up your life? Well she can certainly light up your room! There's a few stylish Monroe themed lamps available out there to give your room a bit of glow. My favorite is the drop-dead gorgeous brass lamp on the left, which has the additional cool feature of variable brightness settings that can be activated by touch alone! Pretty cool if you ask me. If you are a fan of touch lamps, you can also get a beautiful white lamp featuring Marilyn Monroe here.

Another option for making your lighting fixtures dazzle is to decorate the switches with some cute Marilyn Monroe light switch covers - you can find a whole range of them here. I like this cute Marilyn Monroe ballerina art switch plate the best.

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Accessories

Marilyn Monroe Wall Clock
Last but not least, finish off your bedroom with some colorful Marilyn Monroe bedroom accessories. A good place to start is to pick up a sparkling wall clock so that you are never late for the party, such as the cool purple one above or this red, black and white signature wall clock. A Marilyn Monroe room divider is also recommended!

Red Dress Marilyn Monroe Figurine
If you are looking for something to store your jewelry and accessories inside, here is a bold star-shaped Marilyn Monroe trinket box for you to check out. There are also a lot of incredibly beautiful Marilyn Monroe figurines and ornaments out there for you to decorate your cabinets and shelves with, such as the glittering red ornament on the right or this sky blue glamour girl candle holder.

So that's my guide to decorating your bedroom with a tonne of Marilyn Monroe chic! I hope you found some wonderful ideas and have a great time decorating and hanging out in your new room. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to have a browse of the rest of my blog, which features many more themed bedroom ideas for boys and girls of all ages. 

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