Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Top Ten Polka Dot Bedding for Girls

Mizone Morgan 4 Piece Comforter Set, Full/Queen, Purple
One of the coolest, bubbliest and funnest patterns you can have in a girls bedroom is the simple but effective polka dot, and if you are looking for some colorful polka dot bedding for your bedroom, you have come to the right place! This post will be looking at all of my personal favorites, so read on and discover! 

Colorful Polka Dots Bedding
First of all, my favorite polka dot bedding is the gorgeous light lilac and ruffled Korean style bedding set featured above. It's really beautiful and is sure to add a tonne of femininity to your room. Each of these bedding sets comes with two pillow shams, a comforter and a decorative pillow. 

Greenland Home Polka Dot
Stripe Quilt Set
If you are looking for a very summery or colorful spring time piece of bedding to add some air and light to your bedroom, why not pick up the beautiful soft pink and green bedding on the right, or the pastel lilac, pink and blue bedding on the left? Both are amazingly feminine and bright, and are sure to look absolutely wonderful in any girl's bedroom.

The former comes with the duvet cover, a bed skirt and two pillow shams, while the latter comes with the comforter, a decorative pillow and two matching pillow cases. That's everything you need for a gorgeously girly polka dot bed to be the centerpiece of your room!

Spot the Dot Modern Comforter Set
If you are looking for something bold, modern and mature looking, why not go with the crazy pattern black and white polka dot comforter set featured above. Each of these bedding sets comes with a comforter, a pillow sham,a flat and fitted sheet set and a standard sized pillowcase to match.

Hot Pink & Black Polka
Dots Comforter Set
Hot Dot Modern Bedding
by Sweet Jojo Designs

A really cool color combination for a girls room is bold blacks and whites combined with a feminine hot pink, and there are two bedding sets featured above that combine that wonderful color scheme with some funky and iconic polka dots! Both come with the comforter and matching shams, and the one on the right comes with loads more decorative cushions and accessories.

Purple and Brown Modern Dots Childrens Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs
Younger girls might like the super cute lilac 'Modern Dots' bedding by Sweet Jojo Designs featured above, a designer which makes loads of great bedding for kids. Each set of this bedding comes with the comforter, a bed skirt, a pillow sham and even a matching valence to decorate your window with. There's also a number of accessories for the bedroom you can buy separately, and you can also get this bedding in pink or blue.

Deco Dot Modern Teen Bedding
by Sweet Jojo Designs
Love the very modern, pop deco art style? Its a great minimalist look which works well for a lot of girls bedrooms and makes coordinating with your bedding very easy. Check out the cool Deco Dot bedding on the right, another Sweet Jojo Designs piece which comes with the comforter and two standard sized pillow shams.

Korean Princess Ruffle Lace Bedding
Want something which drips with femininity and will make you feel like a princess? You just have to check out the gorgeous ruffle bedding set on the left, which combined beautiful polka dots with a tonne of lace. Each set comes with the duvet cover, a bed skirt and a matching pillow case.

Last but not least, in case you ever get tired of polka dots, why not pick up the sweet reversible polka dot and wavy stripes bedding below, so you are guaranteed some variety? Little Miss Matched does a whole range of reversible polka dot bedding too.

Little Miss Matched 6-Piece Ditsy Dot Microfiber Bed Set
So there you go! Those are my top ten favorite pieces of polka dot themed bedding for tween and teenage girls. I hope you liked them as much as I do and found one that is perfect for your bedroom! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog to find loads more themed bedroom and bedding ideas for boys and girls of all ages!

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