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Glow in the Dark Outer Space Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Glow in the Dark Outer Space Themed Bedroom
When I was younger I had a glow in the dark outer space themed bedroom, and I certainly had a lot of fun with it! That's why I'm going to share my ideas for creating a great solar system and space themed bedroom with plenty of accessories that glow in the dark for extra sci-fi magic. You can find even more outer space themed bedroom decor ideas at my Squidoo page.

Outer Space Bedding

Space Rocket Ultra Soft Microfiber Twin Comforter Bedding Set, Gray Multi
Outer space themed bedding comes mainly in two different styles, a more realistic space look (see the bedding at the top of the page) or a more cartoony look (above). The cartoon look is great for younger children while older ones might prefer something that looks a bit more mature and realistic. You can also decorate your bedding space with some great space rocket shaped plush pillows or rocket themed pillow shams, some of which you can find here.

Outer Space Wall Decor

Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets
Wall Stickers
Contrary to what you might think, black is not a good idea for a space themed bedroom, since black makes the room appear far smaller than it is. Instead, opt for navy blue. It will look cheerier during the day and will be indistinguishable from black at night.

We want our space bedroom to glow in the dark, and an easy way to do this is to pick up a pack of glow in the dark stars, moons and planets and stick them all up. Most packs now come with a life time glow guarantee, which is certainly better than when I was a kid!

You can pick up loads of space themed posters online. I had one with a list of all the constellations on my door, a bit like this one, which had the bonus of being educational as well as pretty. There's also plenty of space and rocket themed wall decals for you to experiment with if you still have blank spaces on your child's wall.

Outer Space Floors

LA Rug Solar System Rug
If you've gone for a very dark shade of navy blue for the walls, you should get the carpet or laminate flooring to be as light as possible to avoid the room appearing too small. If you've gone for a lighter navy blue or another light shade of blue, you might be able to get away with a dark blue carpet. Either way, there are lots of space themed rugs available for you to spice up the floor of your child's space themed bedroom, such as the one above. Experiment!

Outer Space Lighting and Ceiling Decorations

3-D Solar System
Need to decorate your ceiling? These cute planet hangings can be hung from the ceiling and light fixtures, plus they glow in the dark! Not only that, but you get over 200 adhesive glow in the dark stars for your walls with every set. Its a complete solar system in a box!

Light Astronaut Flush Mount In Satin Nickel
As for lighting, there are some really cool fixtures out there, from incredible novelty ones like the one above, to projector lights that shine the images of stars and planets onto the ceiling while lighting the room, to awesome space themed alien table lamps. Take you pick based on what would look best with your space themed decor.
Room Magic Window Panels
Set, Star Rocket

Outer Space Window Decorations

There's a couple of of cute galaxy themed curtains available online. Check out the galaxy themed curtains on the right, or these minimalist black curtains with star detail. If you have gone very heavy on the wall decorations (since you don't want the room to look too crowded) or just can't find any space curtains you like, you can always pick up a plain set of black or navy blue curtains which match your bedding, and that should look great.

Happy Decorating!

I hope you've picked up some cool ideas for a glow in the dark space themed bedroom. Finish it off with plenty of space themed toys, and maybe a Nebula Plasma Ball just for fun. Your son or daughter is sure to love their new bedroom, just as much as I enjoyed mine as a child! Remember that you can find even more outer space themed bedroom decor ideas at my Hubpages page.

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