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Top Skull Themed Bedding Ideas

Skull Bedding Ideas
Skull bedding is a great bedding idea for children and teens of all ages and genders. Not matter what style they are into, there is bound to be a set of skull bedding that would fit their room to a T. I'm going to take you through my favorites of the wide variety of skull bedding ideas on the internet.

Pirate Skull Bedding

Pirate Skull Sailor Bedding
Lots of boys love pirates, and the jolly roger is one of the most instantly recognizable skull symbols in the world. That's why a cool pirate skull set of bedding can make the perfect gift for a boy of any age. If you are thinking of making a pirate themed bedroom, this type of bedding is almost essential!

Here's a great tip by the way: an alternative if you don't have the budget for a full bedding collection is to buy a jolly rogers blanket, like the one above, and pair it with your existing sheets.

Cute Skull Bedding

Skurvy Skull Crossbones Comforter
Paul Frank Bedding
There's plenty of adorable skull bedding available for girly girls of all ages. Skull bedding isn't just for boys! Cute cartoon skulls combined with stark stripes or even cute patchwork designs and patterns can make a great addition to any young or teenage girl's perfect bedroom.

They come in all kinds of different colors too, so there is bound to be one that matches your room's decor. My favorite on is the one on the left, but I also love this great pink set here.

Animal Skull Bedding

Bone Collector Comforter Sets
Animal skulls can look even cooler than human ones and make great centrepieces for a hunting lodge-style bedroom with lots of woods and forest colors. They typically come in greens and creams. The best thing about them is they look great in the rooms of skull lovers of all ages, children, teen and adult.

Ed Hardy Skull Duvet Set

Tattoo Style Skull Bedding

Tattoo style skull bedding uses the same types of elaborate and highly decorative designs used in biker and rock tattoos, and this makes them a great bedroom decoration for teens who are into the alternative culture.

They are also typically the brightest, most detailed and colorful skull bedding you can find, so they are sure to add an interesting and unique look to any teenagers room. The one on the left is one of my favorites!

Happy Decorating!

Street Revival Flower
Skull Comforter Set

I hope you've found some awesome skull themed bedding for your room or the bedroom of your child. Skulls make a fantastic theme for bedrooms of all different styles, be it pirate, girly-girl, cutesy, goth or biker. Whatever your fashion sense, there is bound to be a great set of skull bedding that is perfect for you. 

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