Friday, 16 November 2012

Dinosaur Bedding Ideas for Boys and Girls

Dinosaur Bedding Ideas for Boys
Lots of boys and girls love dinosaurs, and if your child is one of them they are sure to love dinosaur themed bedding just as much. In this post I'm going to go through some of my favorite types of dinosaur bedding for a child's bedroom. Don't forget to finish of your dinosaur bed with some great dinosaur toys and plushies! 

Dinosaur Prints Multicolor 5 Piece
Comforter Set

Cartoon Dinosaur Bedding

Lots of dinosaur bedding comes in a very cartoony style, with lots of colorful and simplistic dinosaur shapes. This type of dinosaur bedding would probably be best enjoy by very young children, but chances are older ones might like it too. You can get this type of bedding in a number of different colors, including the blue one on the right, this white one and this cute little navy number. Pick a color that best suits your child's bedroom decor.

Patchwork Dinosaur Bedding

Dinosaur Roar Kids Twin Quilt & Sham Set
Love patchwork bedding? Well you can combine it with a great dinosaur theme to get a unique, varied and colorful piece of bedding that'll fit any boy's bedroom. Patchwork dinosaur bedding comes in a wide range of designs and colors, but the one above is my favorite!

Feminine Dinosaur Bedding

Carousel Designs Pink Dinosaur Bedding

Dinosaur bedding isn't just for the boys and tomboys! If you have a girly-girl daughter who happens to love dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, fear not: I've found the perfect piece of bedding for you. The soft white and pastel pink bedding on the left should look wonderful in any dino-girl's room. It's a great set for younger girls too.

Girls who like feminine bedding might also like this cute and pretty white dinosaur bedding, which is reversible and comes with a matching pillow.

Happy Decorating!

Dinosaur Adventure Bedding
I hope you've picked up some great ideas for decorating your child's bedroom with a cute set of dinosaur themed bedding. Which style do you like best? Let me know! And don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for more awesome bedroom decor and bedding ideas and accessories.

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